Siro-Zealandian war

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Siro-Zealandian War
Date28 January 2011 (14:30-21:05 NZDT)
Status Concluded
United Kingdom of Zealandia  Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
Commanders and leaders
King Anthony
Sebastian Linden
Mark Fowler
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Daniel Anderson
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Andrea Carrols
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Taylor Petrelli
5 (2 Police, 3 Military) 10

The Siro-Zealandian War was a brief military conflict between the United Kingdom of Zealandia and the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. The conflict was the result of discussions over former Zealandian First Minister Sebastian Linden's actions in the micronational community which broke down into arguing and finally declarations of war on 28 January 2011. Although the war was brief (lasting six and a half hours), it resulted in the surrender and collapse of the United Kingdom of Zealandia, which under the Treaty of Alston was absorbed into the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco.


Von Linden had been seen by some as a notorious troublemaker, who had allegedly "freely admitted to trolling", and who became very well known within the MicroWiki community after A1 First Secretary Gordon Freeman criticised him for writing his birth name on a forum post, which could be found on the history of Freeman's MicroWiki article and on his Facebook page. At this time von Linden's nation of Eleytheria was part of St.Charlie, but seceded from the Commonwealth without their knowledge and instead aligned itself with Zealandia. This move brought much criticism to King Anthony and Zealandia, with many parties urging Anthony to leave Linden to himself. Despite this the two nations grew closer, with the former Kingdom of Zealandia becoming the Grand Duchy of Zealandia on 5 January 2011. Tensions between the micronational community and Zealandia grew heated throughout the month, with many calling on Anthony to fire Linden.

Anger began to boil over on the afternoon of January 28 when a discussion between several members of the community including Aldrich Lucas, Gordon Freeman, and Daniel Anderson moved to attacks on Anthony. Anderson tried to calm Anthony down, but this had the reverse effect of provoking him. The talks escalated into arguments, which culminated in a declaration of war upon Zealandia at 2:30pm that afternoon, which was returned at around 2:35pm.

The War

While the war got off to a slow start, at around 8:30pm on the night of 28 January, an invasion of Denton was launched. The Siroccan Defence Forces managed to overwhelm both the Border Police and Denton Garrison, who had settled in for the night. At 9:05 Anthony formally surrendered and the conflict ceased. A treaty (Alston) was signed which formally dissolved the United Kingdom of Zealandia and transferred it to the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco, whose name had been adapted to include its new territories: the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and Zealandia.