United Kingdom of Zealandia

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The United Kingdom of Zealandia
Vereinigten Königreich von Seelandien

Zealandian flag.pngCoat of arms of Zealandia.png

"Nil Desperandum"
Concerto d'Amore
Canterbury New Zealand, New South Wales and Queensland Australia, North Rhein Westphalia Germany
Capital city Denton City-Province, Grand Duchy of Zealandia
Largest city Linden Valley, Principality of Eleytheria
Official language(s) English and German (Official) Francillish and Ripwarian (Recognised)
Demonym Zealandian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- First Minister Air Marshall Rt. Hon. Daniel Morris (acting)
- King His Majesty King Anthony, King of the United Kingdom of Zealandia, Grand Duke of Zealandia
Legislature The National Parliament of the United Kingdom
- Type - Bicameral
Established 21 January 2010 (Grand Duchy of Zealandia 28 February 2010, Principality of Eleytheria May 30, 2010)
Area claimed 10km²
Population 17 Registered Citizens
Currency The Zealandian Pound
Time zone various
National animal Owl
This nation was a member of TASPAC

The United Kingdom of Zealandia was formed on the 21st of January 2010 after the Grand Duchy of Zealandia and the Principality of Eleytheria.