Siroccan Executive

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Siroccan Executive

Sirokie Vyketin
Seruco Tre'Kur
Seventh Executive
Coat of arms or logo
Opposition leader
Siroccan Executive political groups
  Federal (11)
  Libertarian (3)
Siroccan Executive voting system
Siroccan Executive last election
Meeting place
Government Buildings
1 Commonwealth Avenue
Alston, National Capital District
Not to be confused with the Upper Executive.

The Siroccan Executive (Siroccan: Sirokie Vyketin, Edallic: Seruco Tre'Kur), officially the Lower Executive, is the sole chamber of the legislature of Sirocco. It consists of fourteen seats, each of which represents Sirocco's provinces and dependencies.

The present Executive is Sirocco's seventh since foundation, however in its lifetime it has taken on different forms and even names. Originally known as the "Board of Ministers", the present-style Executive came into being into being in February 2012. The Executive is dominated by the Siroccan Federal Party with influence from the Siroccan Libertarian Party. Both are right-wing parties.

It is one of two Executives, the other being the Upper Executive, which encompasses the Premier and Vice-Premier. Despite the name, the Lower Executive is the only legislative council in Sirocco, the Upper Executive simply being a name for the two chief seats on the Lower Executive.


The Executive was originally formed as the Board of Ministers on 5 November 2010, which as the name suggests was merely a grouping of the then-government's ministers with a total of eleven seats. The first Board of Ministers was abruptly dissolved on 27 February 2011 when then-Foreign Affairs Minister Taylor Petrelli resigned both her ministerial portfolio and her citizenship. The second Board was then formed with ten seats (due to Premier Daniel Anderson assuming her portfolio) and ran until then-Minister of Internal Affairs Annabelle Morgan resigned on 7 November 2011. A third Board was then formed, which ran until 18 February 2012 when it was dissolved for a major ministerial reshuffle the following day. The current style Executive was formed on 10 April 2012 when it was reformed to comprise of members of Sirocco's provinces instead of its ministries.

The Siroccan Libertarian Party became the first party to dislodge Federal's dominance of the Executive when it was formed on 9 June 2012 and de facto won the Zageta seat. The following day both the Chai and Konson seats were filled with Libertarian members.

The Executive expanded to fourteen seats on 26 August 2012 with the dissolution of the Dependencies seat and the creation of the Hobson, Northern Dependencies and Southern Dependencies seats. The reason given for the rise in seat count from 12 to 14 (as opposed to 12 to 13) was to avoid the superstition around the number 13.



Party Members Abbreviation Leader Founded Position Ideology Colours Seats
Federal 9 SFP Daniel Anderson 9 October 2010 Centre-right Conservatism, anti-communism Blue, white
11 / 14
Libertarian 3 SLP Nicholas Woode-Smith 9 June 2012 Right Libertarianism Gold
3 / 14

Provinces and Dependencies

Due to the low populations in each province and the dependencies, most if not all Representatives de facto hold their seat.

Seat Party Representative Seat Party Representative
Bolton Federal Livia Aïrosser National Capital District Federal Daniel Anderson
Chai Libertarian James Macey Northern Dependencies Federal Laura Darcy
Falkirk Federal Chanelle Gibson Southern Dependencies Federal Elizabeth Pountney
Jellicoe Federal Jesse Coles Trafalgar Federal Elizabeth Pountney
Konson Libertarian Dylan Ross Wilkinson Wellesley Federal None, de facto Federal
Halvorson Federal None, de facto Federal Weymouth Federal Andrea Carrols
Hobson Federal Elizabeth Pountney Zageta Libertarian Nicholas Woode-Smith

Executive members

Picture Name Political Party Seat Details
1. Aïrosser, Livia Federal Bolton Hispanic and Germanic Ambassador.
2. Anderson, Daniel Federal National Capital District Premier, founder of Sirocco, leader of the Siroccan Federal Party, Minister of Access, former Minister of Broadcasting and Minister of Foreign Affairs, de facto holds Dependencies seat.
3. Carrols, Andrea Federal Weymouth Former Minister of Defence, Ambassador to the United Kingdom.
4. Coles, Jesse Federal Jellicoe Vice-Premier of Sirocco, Minister of the Commonwealth.
5. Darcy, Laura Federal Northern Dependencies
6. Gibson, Chanelle Federal Falkirk Minister of National Services, former Minister of Health and Education.
7. Macey, James Libertarian Chai Daimyo of Chai and Clan Chezu, Captain of the Frontier Guard.
8. Pountney, Elizabeth Federal Trafalgar
Southern Dependencies
Minister of Culture.
9. Wilkinson, Dylan Ross Libertarian Konson Daimyo of Konson and Clan Irkunson.
10. Woode-Smith, Nicholas Libertarian Zageta Current leader of the Dominion of Zona, former leader of the Zonian Confederacy, first and current leader of the Siroccan Libertarian Party.

List of Executives

Executives are traditionally dissolved and reformed with a higher designation when the number of seats changes and/or a member resigns. The Sixth executive was an exception to this tradition — Catherine Victoria's resignation on 3 August 2012 did not trigger a dissolution.

Executive Term Length
Seats Notes
First 5 November 2010 - 27 February 2011 115 11 Originally known as the Board of Ministers. Dissolved on 27 February 2011 after the resignation of Taylor Petrelli.
Second 27 February 2011 - 7 November 2011 254 10 Currently the longest continuous Executive. Dissolved on 7 November 2011 after the resignation of Annabelle Morgan.
Third 7 November 2011 - 18 February 2012 105 9
Fourth 19 February 2012 - 10 April 2012 52 4 Based exclusively around Sirocco's four ministries. Also the first to bear the name Siroccan Executive.
Fifth 10 April 2012 - 10 June 2012 62 11 Reformed to comprise seats for Sirocco's provinces and dependencies.
Sixth 10 June 2012 - 26 August 2012 78 12 Made provision for the Libertarians and added Wellesley province. This Executive saw Laura Darcy, James Macey, Catherine Victoria (who later resigned), Dylan Ross Wilkinson and Nicholas Woode-Smith join the legislature for the first time.
Seventh 26 August 2012 – present - 14 Saw the creation of the Hobson, Northern Dependencies and Southern Dependencies seats and the dissolution of the Dependencies seat.