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The provinces and territories of Sirocco are political divisions of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. Currently Sirocco is comprised of eight provinces (Cambria, Chai, Halvorson, Kinross, Konson, Watchman, Wellesley, and Zageta) and eight territories (Blacksands, Castor, Gillies Island, Greater Hagley, Maxia, Sandford, Stirling and Trinity), with each holding some degree of sovereignty, although overall governance is managed by the national government in Bradford.

The majority of provinces and all territories are located within New Zealand, while the three South African provinces (Chai, Konson and Zageta) collectively form the region of Zona.

Provinces and Territories

Reference map for Provinces and Territories of Sirocco
Provinces Dependencies
Provinces, Territories and Dependencies of Sirocco
Flag Name Type Code Capital (or de facto capital) Pop. Area (m²) Area (acres) Establishment Region
Blacksands Territory BS (Exploration Bay) 0 20 April 2012 Waitakere
Cambria Province CA Alston 3 442,524 109 4 November 2010 Alston-Jellicoe
Castor Territory CS (Combes Head) 0 26 December 2010 Greater North
Chai Province CH Chide 7 21 March 2012 Zona
Gillies Territory GI (Rust Point) 0 13 September 2011 Greater North
File:Greater Hagley Flag.png Greater Hagley Territory GH 0 15 April 2013 Lindström
Halvorson Province HS Otanaki 0 25 December 2010 Central Eastern
Kinross Province KR Bradford 0 5 February 2014 Kinross Watchman
Konson Province KS Fort Konson 3 21 March 2012 Zona
File:Maxia Flag.png Maxia Territory MA 0 15 April 2013 Lindström
Sandford Territory SA 0 15 April 2013 Lindström
File:Stirling Flag.png Stirling Territory ST Land's End 0 7 September 2013 Lindström
File:Trinity Flag.png Trinity Territory TR 0 15 April 2013 Lindström
File:Watchman Flag.png Watchman Province WI (Symonds Cliffs) 0 3,988 0.98 4 November 2010 Kinross Watchman
Wellesley Province WS Havilland Not released 2,135 0.53 14 April 2012 Waitakere
Zageta Province ZG Tre'wei 6 21 March 2012 Zona


Sirocco was comprised of four provinces until 18 November 2010, when the 2010 Provincial Reforms took place, adding Jellicoe, North Tasman and South Tasman provinces, whilst dissolving the Tasman Districts at the same time. This brought the count to six. The provinces were again altered on 13 December 2010, when the Auckland Suburban Region was renamed Wellesley Province. On 25 December 2010, Halvorson was added as Sirocco's first Territory. The following day, Castor and Cowan Islands were claimed.

Provincial reforms again occurred on 20 April 2011 when Wellesley, Camina, North Tasman and South Tasman Provinces were dissolved and Jellicoe split into Bolton, Denbigh, Falkirk, Jellicoe and Trafalgar.

Denbigh was formally dissolved on 8 November 2011. During the 2011 Otanaki National Exposition of Sirocco, Halvorson territory was officially constituted as a full province, on December 12.

Wellesley, despite having been dissolved on 20 April 2011, seemed to continue to have a presence in Sirocco which was formally recognised on 14 April 2012 when it again became a province. Sirocco's Auckland territories expanded further on 25 August 2012 with the establishment of Hobson province.

Zealandia formally ceded its New Zealand territories to Sirocco on 15 April 2013. On the same day, Sirocco's dependencies (except the Muldoon Protectorate) were reassigned new two-letter codes.

Sirocco's provinces, territories and dependencies were further overhauled under the Provinces Act 2014, which dissolved Bolton, Falkirk, Hobson, Jellicoe, the Mill Bay Dependency, the Muldoon Protectorate, Trafalgar and Weymouth, and elevated all dependencies to territorial status on 7 June 2014.

Former provinces

Former Provinces, Territories and Dependency of Sirocco
Listed by date of dissolution
Flag Name Type Code Capital (or de facto capital) Pop. Area (m²) Area (acres) Establishment Disestablishment Region
Tasman Districts Province TSD Surfdale N/A 4 November 2010 18 November 2010 N/A
Camina Province CA Minleith N/A 4 November 2010 20 April 2011 N/A
North Tasman Province NT Surfdale N/A 18 November 2010 20 April 2011 N/A
South Tasman Province NT Bass Principality N/A 18 November 2010 20 April 2011 N/A
File:Denbigh Flag.png Denbigh Province DE Riverhill Park 4 20 April 2011 8 November 2011 N/A
Bolton Province BT Minnerichell 4 20 April 2011 7 June 2014 Alston-Jellicoe
Falkirk Province FA Kenbank 6 20 April 2011 7 June 2014 Greater North
Hobson Province HB Rathlyn 1 3,671 0.91 25 August 2012 7 June 2014 Hobson-Watchman
Jellicoe Province JC Ridgelow 3 18 November 2010 7 June 2014 Alston-Jellicoe
File:Mill Bay Flag.png Mill Bay Dependency Dependency MB (Thorburn) 0 17 October 2012 7 June 2014 Greater North
Muldoon Protectorate Dependency MP (Geddes) 0 1 February 2011 7 June 2014 Alston-Jellicoe
Trafalgar Province TF Kent 6 1,162 0.29 20 April 2011 7 June 2014 Alston-Jellicoe
Weymouth Province WE Copthorne 7,426,000[1] 1 August 2011 7 June 2014 Weymouth


  1. As Weymouth was a geofictional province, its population was rarely if ever counted.