Calendar of Sirocco

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The Calendar of Sirocco, featuring various days of observance, is influenced by various New Zealand, Aerican, and other global holidays and niftydays and has a few original days of observance. Days in boldface are national statutory holidays, days italicised are provincial or territorial statutory holidays, and days in roman are non-statutory "cultural" holidays.

Month Day Holiday Description Atomic date
January 1 New Year's Day 17 Argus
8 Norton Day Celebrated in honour of one of micronationalism's most famous figures: Norton I, Emperor of the United States of America and Protector of Mexico. 24 Argus
February 6 Demand Improvement Day Observed for the first time in 2012, Demand Improvement Day is a day intended for protesting against strange things. Designed to counter Waitangi Day protests by radical groups every year, the first Demand Improvement Day was based around demands that a motorway be constructed from the town of Puhoi, Auckland to the Northland city of Whangarei. 22 Plowshare
16 Kinross Day Celebrates Bradford becoming the capital of Sirocco in 2014. (Kinross only) 4 Sedan
29 Leap Day Observed every four years as a special occasion. February 29 was unofficially observed in 2004 and 2008, and was formally recognised for the first time in 2012. 16 Sedan
March 21 Zona Day Celebrates the establishment of the Dominion of Zona. (Chai, Konson and Zageta only) 6 Prime
28 Tent Pegs Day Celebrates the successful defence of Alston during the Tent Pegs border incident. (Cambria only) 13 Prime
March/April Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday
Sunday after Good Friday Easter Sunday
Monday after Easter Sunday Easter Monday
April 15 Canterbury Day Celebrates the annexation of Greater Hagley, Maxia, Sandford and Trinity. (Greater Hagley, Maxia, Sandford and Trinity only) 1 Manhattan
20 Blacksands Day Celebrates the annexation of Blacksands. (Blacksands only) 6 Manhattan
25 ANZAC Day Originally honoured the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought at Gallipoli during World War I, now commemorates by extension the service of all who have participated in military operations. 11 Manhattan
June 15 Midyear Day Despite not actually being in the middle of the year, June 15 is celebrated as it is in the middle of the middle month. Celebrations are always held at midday on Midyear Day and have done so since 2005. 1 Julin
18 Premier's Birthday 4 Julin
July 15 Maran Day Celebrates the creation of the Maran District, a forerunner to the modern Siroccan state. (Cambria only) 31 Julin
Trinity Eve
16 Atomic New Year First day of the year in the Atomic calendar. 1 Trinity
23 Wellesley Day Celebrates the establishment of Havilland, Wellesley. (Wellesley only) 8 Trinity
August 30 Proclamation Day Celebrates the beginning of Sirocco's construction. 15 Baker
September 7 Stirling Day Celebrates the annexation of Stirling. (Stirling only) 23 Baker
13 Gillies Day Celebrates the annexation of Gillies Island.
(Gillies only)
29 Baker
26 Dominion Day Celebrated as an alternative national day to Waitangi Day. 11 Hurricane
27 September 27 This day arose as a joke between Daniel Anderson and Jesse Coles in 2008, whereby it was agreed that neither "believed" in September 27. While the day is not an official holiday, it is marked and "ignored" every year in Sirocco, with the running joke that the calendar jumps from September 26 to September 28 with no break. September 27, is however officially recognised as a legitimate day by the Government despite the joke. 12 Hurricane
October 13 Watchman Day Celebrates the annexation of Watchman Island. (Watchman only) 28 Hurricane
26 Topin Wagglegammon Celebrated in a significant portion of the micronational community as a day for frivolity. 11 Grable
28 Maxie Day Commemorates the anniversary of Maxie Anderson's death. (Cambria and Kinross only) 13 Grable
Fourth Monday Labour Day Second Monday in Grable
November 4 Sirocco Day Celebrates the founding of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco in 2010. 20 Grable
11 Remembrance Day Commemorates those who have died in military service for their country. 27 Grable
20 Windows Day Celebrates the release of the Windows 1.0 operating system and its successors. 5 Castle
December 2 Capitalism Day Celebrates capitalist goals and the pursuit of improvement. Considered the business equivalent of Labour Day. 17 Castle
12 Halvorson Day Anniversary of the elevation of Halvorson to a province on December 12, 2011. (Halvorson only) 27 Castle
24 Christmas Eve 9 Argus
25 Christmas Day 10 Argus
26 Boxing Day December 26 is celebrated as Dependency Day instead of Boxing Day in the Castor and Gillies Dependencies and the Muldoon Protectorate in honour of the annexation of the Castor Dependency on December 26, 2010. 11 Argus
Castor Day Celebrates the annexation of Castor. (Castor only)
27 Victory over Communism Day Celebrates the day following the fall of the USSR in 1991. 12 Argus
31 New Year's Eve 16 Argus