Topin Wagglegammon

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Topin Wagglegammon is an annually recurring event originating in the Aerican Empire celebrated on 26 October each year. It is referred to as a niftyday rather than a holiday to emphasise that it has no religious origins or significance. Since it was first celebrated in 1998, it has spread to numerous other micronations.


There is no confirmed account of how Topin Wagglegammon came to be celebrated. One popular theory holds that the name of the holiday was found in a project to create a calendar where every day was a specific day of observance. The original name may have been Toping Wagglegammon, but it is not known when or why the G was dropped from the name. It it not known how the original Toping Wagglegammon was celebrated, but the current method of celebrating Topin Wagglegammon came about from the fact that "Topin Wagglegammon" was considered an inherently fun phrase to say.[1]


Topin Wagglegammon now honours silliness, eccentricity, and fun. It is traditionally celebrated with tea parties and similar gatherings, though one principle of the holiday is that it is not celebrated in the exact same way each year.[2]

Many micronations use the holiday to celebrate the spirit of eccentricity in micronationalism itself.


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