Valentine's War

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Valentines War
Date14 February 2013
Lower Felkwood, Pyrocardia
Status Concluded
Flag of Pyrocardia.png Pyrocardia  Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Pyrocardia.png Dahraan du Toit Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Daniel Anderson
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Nicholas Woode-Smith
3-4 10-12

The Valentine's War (also known as the Bloodless War) was a short military campaign that resulted in the regional defeat of Pyrocardia and the relinquishment of the province of Lower Felkwood to the Siroccan Defence Forces. The status of the campaign is unknown. Because of the lack of actual conflict it can be regarded as a Cold War.

The Declaration

Sister of Zonese Shogun, Nicholas Woode-Smith, was conversing with the Dictator of Pyrocardia, Dahraan du Toit, under the guise of 'messenger'. She stated that her brother wanted to conquer Pyrocardia to take back land. The Dictator was presented an offer of subjugation, which he refused.

This proved to be an ill-fated decision as the war was officially declared on 14 February, when the 'messenger' revealed intent to descend upon the unarmed nation of Pyrocardia with armed troops. The Pyrocardians had no way to combat the invaders and were forced to surrender.


Negotiations between Pyrocardia and Sirocco have ceased and Sirocco shows no further interest in the conflict. Pyrocardia was prompted to form its military in proper: the Suchos Armed Forces

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