Tent Pegs border incident

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Tent Pegs border incident
DateMarch 28, 2012 (20:05-20:25 NZDT)
Status Concluded
 Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Hostile teenage forces
Commanders and leaders
Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Daniel Anderson Unknown
3 10-15

The Tent Pegs border incident was a brief incident between the Siroccan Defence Forces (SDF) and approximately ten to fifteen unknown teenagers on a school excursion near Alston on March 28, 2012. The incident is notable for preventing an invasion of Sirocco's National Capital District and for being the first time SDF personnel saw action.

The incident

The incident began after a patrol of the Tent Pegs National Forest just outside of Alston dispatched to investigate reports of twigs snapping in the forest. After reaching the border fence at the terminus of Tent Pegs Road at around 8:07pm, two unknown figures were seen near the fence. A camera flash was used to scare the persons off, however just under a minute later several more came back. Initially demanding to know who was responsible for the camera flash, the group became more unsettled as it grew. The mob then proceeded to start yelling insults at the patrol's personnel, who agreed to retreat to a position around three to four metres west of the fence at around 8:12pm.

At 8:13pm the patrol had all lights switched off to confuse the mob, who by this time numbered around fifteen people and had become extremely agitated, with one member of the party urging his friends three times to climb the fence. An urgent dispatch was relayed back to Alston at 8:14pm with orders to begin preparing for a defence of the city. The lights-out order proved effective when the mob began to disperse from around 8:17pm. By 8:20pm all members of the group had left the fence. The patrol returned to Alston at 8:25pm that evening.

The incident would play a pivotal role in the creation of the 3rd Mounted Cash Registers later in the year.


  • 8:02pm: Snapping of twigs reported in the Tent Pegs National Forest.
  • 8:05pm: Siroccan Defence Forces personnel dispatched to investigate.
  • 8:07pm: Patrol reaches the Tent Pegs border fence. Two people near the fence are scared away by a camera flash.
  • 8:08pm: A small group of teenagers arrives at the fence and begins talking with the patrol.
  • 8:12pm: Patrol decides to retreat away from the fence to form a buffer zone. The group by this stage numbers around nine people.
  • 8:13pm: Lights are shut off to confuse the group. Approximately fifteen people are present at this stage.
  • 8:14pm: One member of the group begins discussing scaling the fence. An urgent alert is sent to the SDF command centre in Alston.
  • 8:15pm: Defences of the city are prepared.
  • 8:17pm: Group begins to disperse.
  • 8:20pm: The entire group has by this stage left the fence.
  • 8:25pm: Patrol returns to Alston.

Media coverage

News of the incident was broken by the Sirocco Times at 8:37pm that evening.[1]


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