Siroccan Defence Forces

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Siroccan Defence Forces
Active 2010 – present
Country Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
Service branches Siroccan National Army
Siroccan Naval Forces
Siroccan Air Force
Commander Daniel Anderson
Minister of Defence Andrea Carrols

The Siroccan Defence Forces (SDF) are the armed forces of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco, headed by the Commander who administrates the normal running of the SDF. The SDF consists of three service branches: the Siroccan National Army, which is the land-based division of the SDF, the Siroccan Naval Forces, which is the maritime-based division, and the Siroccan Air Force, which is the air-based division. The Siroccan Defence Forces are led by the Commander, Daniel Anderson (who also serves as Siroccan Premier) and Minister of Defence Andrea Carrols.

SDF Alert System

The SDF monitors threats to Sirocco via the SDF Alert System, commonly known as the NOWAA scale, its name being derived from the system's five levels of defence status: normal, observe, warning, alert and attack. These enable the SDF to prepare for an attack and better allow the government to decide on courses of action. The NOWAA scale is modified by the Siroccan Government.

Level Description Explanation
5 Normal SDF at peace: no threat detected. Civilian and military lives operate peacefully and with low readiness.
4 Observe SDF monitoring: low threat level. National security begins monitoring suspicious actions internally and externally.
3 Warning SDF on low warning: moderate threat detected. The army is placed on a warning as "low" alerts move into "moderate" alerts.
2 Alert SDF on alert: high threat level. The SDF begins preparing for an attack. Ministries of Defence and Internal Affairs locked down, all non-essential services halted. War readiness plans are activated.
1 Attack SDF on standby: extreme threat level. The SDF is placed on standby for offensive or defensive actions pertaining to an attack upon or by Sirocco. Entire government is placed in lockdown