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Blacksands Dependency
Coszende Zaivgig
  Dependency of Sirocco  
Exploration Bay

Nickname(s): The Sands
Motto: None shall move us
Country  Sirocco
Capital Exploration Bay
Established April 20, 2012
Founder Daniel Anderson
 - Executor Laura Darcy (SFP)
Population (2012)
 - Total 5
Time zone NZST (UTC+12)
 - Summer (DST) NZDT (UTC+13)
Postcode series 262
Area code +645 42
Vehicle registration DB 123
Languages English, Siroccan
Emblems Tui (bird)

The Blacksands Dependency (Siroccan: Coszende Zaivgig), officially known as the Siroccan Dependency of Blacksands (Siroccan: Sirokie Zaivgig ver Coszende), is a Dependency of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. Located close to the town of Bethells Beach in New Zealand's Auckland region, it is a popular resort location for Siroccans and New Zealanders alike.

The dependency's name comes from the black sand abundant along the west coast around Auckland.