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National Post and Telegraph
Commonwealth Enterprise
PredecessorSirocco Post
Founded2 January 2011
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Daniel Anderson (Minister of Access)
ProductsMail services, stamps
OwnerSiroccan government

National Post and Telegraph, also known as NP&T and formerly as Sirocco Post is the government-owned monopoly provider of postal services in Sirocco. Unlike most government postal monopolies, Sirocco Post is not bound by a universal service obligation, due to the impracticality of regular deliveries across the Tasman Sea and the prevalence of electronic forms of communication such as telephony, email, and instant messaging among Siroccans.


Sirocco Post was established on 2 January 2011 by the then-Minister for Broadcasting (now Ministry of Access), Daniel Anderson. It commenced deliveries within the National Capital District (today Cambria province) on 4 January 2011. It later rolled out nationwide services. A delivery network spanning Sirocco was finally achieved in April 2011 when services in Wellesley began. Sirocco Post also once serviced certain Australian and New Zealand cities, including Adelaide and Auckland, but this work was uncompetitive, and so was subcontracted to Australia Post and New Zealand Post respectively on 26 January 2012.

Sirocco Post was renamed National Post and Telegraph on 22 January 2013 with the opening of telegram services.

Organisational structure

National Post and Telegraph is the responsibility of the Ministry of Access, who oversees the company's operations. Most day-to-day decisions are made by the Executive Panel of Regional Managers, or RMs, whom are directly responsible for NP&T's crew of casually employed postmen. There are nine 'regions' that are managed by each RM.

Region name Constituent provinces Postcode series
Alston Alston City and environs 20n
Greater Cambria Ackland and Maran Districts 21n-22n
Jellicoe Jellicoe, Bolton, Falkirk and Trafalgar provinces and the Muldoon Protectorate 23n
Greater Northern Castor and Gillies Island Dependencies 24n
Halvorson Halvorson province 25n
Auckland Hobson and Wellesley provinces and the Watchman Island and Blacksands dependencies 26n
Dominion Chai, Konson and Zageta 30n
Weymouth Weymouth province 70n-79n
Australia Australian-based Siroccan citizens.


Alston Greater Cambria Jellicoe Greater Northern Halvorson Auckland Dominion Weymouth
200 Alston
201 Matauri
202 Gate Park-Tent Pegs
203 Tara Corner
204 Belmont
205 North Alston
206 Hilly Gully
207 Islington
208 Snell Cliffs
209 Lower Snell
210 Baker and Ianson Islands
211 Sandbanks Bend
212 Rockport
213 Vista Cliffs
214 Ackland
215 Ballmore
216 Port Mayfair
217 Sussex
218 Ballance's Beach
219 Shelly Bay
220 Maran District
230 Ridgelow
231 Kent
232 Minnerichell
233 Kenbank North
234 Kenbank South
237 Muldoon Dependency
240 Castor
241 Mill Bay
246 Gillies Island
250 Otanaki
251 Wharfdale
252 Clifden
253 Millennium River
254 Maudon Bay
255 Stony Bay
256 Department Creek
257 Tauwhara Bay
258 Commercial Bay
259 Sinclair Flat
260 Havilland-Brookfield
261 Watchman Island
262 Blacksands
265, 270-281 Rathlyn
300 Chide
301 Fort Konson
302 Tre'wei
700-739 Copthorne
740-749 Greater Stirling
750-759 Basford
760-769 Gerrise
770-779 Breamore
780-789 Schofield
790-799 Sabulite


Stamps issued by National Post and Telegraph are divided into three distinct classes.

  • 3d (48¢), 4d (64¢), 5d (80¢) and 6d (96¢) stamps are used for mail travelling within or between the provinces of Sirocco or the Dominion of Zona and are dependent on weight and type. For example, an ordinary letter would be sent using a 3d stamp whilst a heavy parcel would carry at least one 6d stamp.
  • 7d ($1.12) stamps are used for mail between Sirocco and Zona.
  • 9d ($1.44) stamps are used for international envelopes and parcels.