Scooter Anderson

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Scooter Anderson

1st Chief Monitor of Land, Air and Sea Surveillance Operations
Assumed office
December 12, 2010
Premier Daniel Anderson
Minister of Internal Affairs Annabelle Morgan
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 8 October 2006 (2006-10-08) (age 17)
Kerikeri, New Zealand
Nationality Siroccan
Species Cat
Breed Tabby
Sex Female
Head Servant Daniel Anderson

Scooter Anderson (born 8 October 2006), more commonly known as Scooter, is the current Chief Monitor of Land, Air and Sea Surveillance Operations (commonly known as LASSO) and pet of the Siroccan Premier, Daniel Anderson. Scooter was acquired from the New Zealand SPCA on December 16, 2006 and has lived with the Premier in Alston, NCD, ever since.

Personal life

Scooter resides in Alston with her Head Servant, Premier Anderson, since she was acquired from the SPCA just before Christmas 2006. She originally went by the names of Narnia and Avalon, before Scooter was decided upon due to her tendency to move at high speed (especially in indoor areas). She is known to be a rather lazy cat during the day, but a very avid hunter during the night, responsible for the deaths of many birds, skinks, eels and once, a stoat. Her greatest catch was a fluffy white rabbit, which was found very much alive, hiding behind a television set in the Government Buildings. The rabbit was unharmed and was set free shortly after its discovery.

Scooter succeeded Anderson's previous cat, Purrdie, who had a tendency to disappear for up to five weeks at a time due to her part-wild roots, and who was last seen on June 24, 2006. Fortunately, Scooter does not share these same traits.

Despite a large kiwi population located near Alston, Scooter's territory is located mostly in the capital, meaning she rarely (if ever) leaves her domain. She is good friends with Head of Customs Maxie Anderson.

LASSO career

Sirocco's main border security division, LASSO, was created on December 12, 2010, with Scooter becoming the first Chief Monitor. She is in charge of ensuring that Sirocco is not attacked by terrestrial, aerial or maritime means (essentially meaning she keeps rodent, eel and bird populations in check). Whilst Scooter is in charge of LASSO, the Organisation comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Minister responsible, Annabelle Morgan.