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The foreign relations of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco were established prior to Sirocco's foundation on 4 November 2010. It chiefly manages diplomatic relations via MicroWiki and the national mail service. Sirocco's foreign policy is managed under a policy of being recognised (and recognising) as many micronations as possible, in order to allow mutual prosperity in both nations.

Diplomatic relations were initially established with the Slinky Empyre on 8 October 2010. Relations with Los Bay Petros, Starland and Zealandia were also organised prior to foundation. All relations established prior to foundation were made official upon the signing of the Constitution on 4 November 2010.

Sirocco currently recognises 28 micronations. Only one micronation has ever terminated relations with Sirocco, that being Burkland. However, currently Burkland still recognizes Sirocco despite the termination of relations.

Foreign policy

Sirocco's official foreign policy is that of friend-making, whereby as many diplomatic relations as possible are established. Relations may be managed unofficially (i.e. without a formal treaty) or via a mutual recognition treaty. Sirocco recognises the sovereignty of the current and future governments of all micronations it has established relations with.


Sirocco recognises all macronations and the legitimacy of their governments (with the exception of the governments of North Korea and Myanmar/Burma), as well as the independence of Kosovo, Tibet, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Micronational relations

Under Sirocco's Constitution, only micronations with which Sirocco has established relations are officially recognised. Many other micronations are not recognised but acknowledged - this meaning that it is known that these micronations exist but no relations have officially been initiated. This is the case with all nations before relations with Sirocco began.

Friends of Sirocco are nations with which relations have been established. Allies of Sirocco are nations with which a formal treaty has been signed.


No. Flag Nation Recognition Recognised Notes
1 Los Bay Petros Friend 17 October 2010
2 Starland Friend 18 October 2010
3 Zealandia Ally 31 October 2010 The Treaty for Sirocco and Zealandia was ratified by the Siroccan National Government on 9 December 2010. Relations with Zealandia were suspended on 29 January 2011 after the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and Zealandia dissolved following a diplomatic crisis there.
Relations were restarted on 15 February 2011 following the resignation of First Minister Sebastian Linden.
Suspended on 13 December 2011 following a breach of the conditions set by the Protection of Conservatism Act 2011, finally terminated on 15 January 2012. Relations were restarted on 1 September 2012.
4 Pamale Friend 4 November 2010 It is not known when diplomatic relations between Sirocco and Pamale actually began, but 4 November 2010 is used as it is the only guide date.
5 Hamland Friend 18 November 2010 Hamland was the first micronation to be recognised after foundation.
6 Carlington Friend 25 November 2010
7 A1 Ally 4 December 2010 A1 was the first nation to sign an official diplomatic treaty with Sirocco.
Relations were suspended between 1 May and 31 August 2012 following "unacceptable conduct" on the part of then-A1 leader James Wilary.
8 Bethania Friend 12 December 2010
9 Gratismansland Friend 19 December 2010
10 Senya Friend 8 January 2011 Initially refused relations, upon investigation after reforms within Senya, diplomatic relations were allowed.
11 Wyvern Friend 9 January 2011 Wyvern was the first nation to accept relations in real-time talks.
12 Dranoria Friend 10 January 2011
13 St.Charlie Ally 15 January 2011
14 Valnorgrad Friend 23 January 2011
15 Austenasia Friend 15 February 2011
16 Nasatroe Friend 23 February 2011
17 Walkoria Ally 12 May 2011
18 Tfoeflag.png Erephisia Friend 1 October 2011
19 Juclandia Ally 26 November 2011 Treaty ratified 12 February 2012.
20 Saint Luke and Amager Ally 4 March 2012 Treaty ratified 17 December 2012.
21 Palasia Friend 23 April 2012
22 Lostisland Friend 25 July 2012
23 Caladonia Friend 1 September 2012
24 Überstadt Friend 1 September 2012
25 Schwanensee Friend 20 October 2012
26 Floriland Friend 4 May 2021 Realations were informally made on the MicroWiki Discord server also at the time realations were made Floriland was called Megigaiau.


Relations that have been terminated are classed as "no longer active."

No. Flag Nation Former recognition Recognised Suspended Terminated Notes
1 Slinky_Empyre.png Slinky Empyre Friend 8 October 2010 19 November 2010 2 January 2011 Sirocco first opened relations with the Slinky Empyre on 8 October 2010 but were suspended on 19 November 2010 due to actions undertaken by Kyng Fyrst. Relations were officially terminated on 2 January 2011.
3 Tiana Friend 13 July 2011 6 April 2012 11 April 2012 Relations with Tiana were suspended on 6 April 2012 after Tianan leader Joseph Puglisi made comments about war veterans and the Premier's heritage that were deemed offensive. Relations were terminated on 11 April after Puglisi claimed to lead the "Republic of Sirocco".
4 Burkland Friend 26 November 2011 11 April 2012 23 April 2012 Only country to officially terminate relations with Sirocco as opposed to Sirocco terminating relations with another country. This was due to actions against Tiana deemed imperialist by the Burklandi government. Sirocco officially ended recognition of Burkland on 23 April 2012.
5 República de los Dioses del Sol Azteca Flag.jpg República de los Dioses del Sol Azteca Friend 2 January 2011 - 31 August 2012 Terminated due to sockpuppeting.
6 Yabloko_flag.png Yabloko Ally 5 December 2010 - 31 August 2012 Left micronationalism.
7 Kozuc.png Kozuc Friend 10 August 2011 - 31 August 2012 Merged with St.Charlie.

Automatic recognition

These are micronations with which Sirocco automatically recognised on November 4, 2010. A mutual recognition treaty does not need to be signed with automatically-recognised micronations. Automatically recognised micronations are those which are seen as the "superpowers", and are not members of the MicroWiki sector.

  1.  Molossia
  2. Flag of Sealand Sealand
  3. Hutt River Province
  4. Talossa


Sirocco has no official policy for joining micronational organisations, however it was a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations, having been unanimously accepted on November 12, 2010 and a member until dissolution. Sirocco is also a founding member of TASPAC.

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