Sirocco - Zealandia relations

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Sirocco-Zealandia relations
Map indicating location of Sirocco and Zealandia
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Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco

Commonwealth of Uskor

Relations between Sirocco and Zealandia are foreign relations between the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and the Commonwealth of Zealandia.

Relations between the two nations have been notably turbulent since the initial opening of relations in October 2010, often as a result of the differing ideologies between the mostly capitalist Sirocco and the predominantly socialist Zealandia. While relations were initially strong due to the then relatively close distance between them (approximately 900 km from Alston to Thorkjavik, close for two Oceanic micronations), the rise of Sebastian Linden in Zealandian politics in early 2011 saw relations become strained, ultimately ending up in a war on 28 January 2011 which saw the Siroccan annexation of Zealandia. Zealandia split from Sirocco the following day, and while relations were cold for some time afterwards, friendship between the two nations was restored on 19 February 2011 after the resignation of Linden from Zealandian government.

Relations continued warmly until late November 2011, when Siroccan leader Daniel Anderson, who also led the Zealandian National Peoples Party, accused the Zealandian government (dominated by Queen Astrid and Joseph Puglisi) of unfairness against the party. Relations between Sirocco and Zealandia sunk further through early December 2011 until the removal of Anderson from the Zealandian parliament (without his knowledge as he was attending the Otanaki National Exposition of Sirocco at the time) citing a "mental illness". This action brought scathing criticism from many members of the MicroWiki community and led to the suspension of relations between Sirocco and Zealandia and Anderson renouncing his Zealandian citizenship.

Sirocco officially terminated relations with Zealandia on 15 January 2012 and did not recognise the state or its government, however the Zealandian government did not consider relations to have ended and continued to recognise the Siroccan state and government. Relations between the two were eventually restarted on 1 September 2012.

Today both nations are very close, and in March 2013 both nations publicly announced that they saw the other as a close friend.

Country comparison

Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Zealandianflagnew.png Commonwealth of Zealandia
Population 54 20
Area Unknown 9.49 km2
Capital Bradford Tyrshavn
Largest city Chide – 7 Tyrshavn - 3
Government Federal republic Constitutional monarchy
Official languages English, Siroccan, Edallic English, Swedish, Zealandian
Head of State Daniel Anderson Queen Astrid
Established 4 November 2010 28 February 2010