Republic of Caladonia

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Not to be confused with Caldonia.
Republic of Caladonia
Caladonian Flag.pngCoatofarms caladonia.png

Sapere aude
Caladonian Anthem
Capital cityBallumbie
Largest cityBallumbie
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Established5 January 2012
Area claimed703000000m²
CurrencyGreat British Pound
Time zone(UTC+0)
National drinkIrn Bru
National animalPanada

Caladonia, officially the Republic of Caladonia is a European enclaved micronation, founded on 5 January 2012. The Republic of Caladonia is located on the east coast of Scotland, and its capital is Ballumbie. The Republic of Caladonia has a land border with the United Kingdom. Caladonia has an estimated area of 703000000m², claiming Grant Island. The terrain of Caladonia is mainly flat; the Western county of Balgay is the highest above sea level of the three states, located three stories up. Chirnside is the most isolated of the states, located in the Scottish Sidlaws – A group of Hills located north of Dundee in the Angus/Tayside area. The Republic of Caladonia has no official government.


The Caladonian climate is very much that of East Scotland. Winters are dark, Cold and wet, Fall is mainly wet and Spring – Summer is mainly warm with some rain.


Caladonia was founded on 5 January 2012 after it declared itself independent from the UK.


There is no official government within Caladonia the last elected political party was the Caladonian National Party.

Foreign relations and military

Foreign relations

The Republic of Caladonia recognises many micronations such as:

Nations with mutual recognition

  1. Republic of Padrhom
  2. Sunset Micronation
  3. Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
  4. The Xonbian empire
  5. Republic of Markland
  6. Communist People's Republic of Strathy
  7. Realm of Strathclyde
  8. Lundy

Nations recognised by Caladonia

  1. Republic of Molossia
  2. Kingdom of Vikesland
  3. Republic of Padrhom
  4. Sunset Micronation
  5. Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
  6. Realm of Strathclyde
  7. Communist People's Republic of Strathy
  8. Republic of Markland

Caladonia is currently in friendly relations with the Republic of Molossia and theKingdom of Vikesland.

Automatically recognised nations

These macro- and micronations are automatically recognised by the Republic of Caladonia.

Flag of the United Nations.svg All United Nations members
Flag of Kosovo.svg Republic of Kosovo
Flag of Seborga.png Principality of Seborga
Flag of Sealand Principality of Sealand
Flag of Molossia.png Republic of Molossia

Caladonia does not recognise the following Macronations.

Flag of North Korea.svg DPR North Korea
Flag of Syria.jpg Syria


Caladonia currently on has a reserve military which is to only be used if necessary, The Caladonian Reserves. The Republic of Caladonia also has the CSS (The Caladonian Secret Service) which is used to defend against espionage and terrorism.

The Republic of Caladonia is against all kind of war. It is a member of the UAMW. It will only enter into "war" as a last resort and only if we have the backing of the UAMW (which is unlikely) so it intends on being involved in little to no wars.


Caladonian culture is based mainly around Scottish, Russian and German culture, such as symbols, national animal, drink, food and place names.


In Caladonia, the official language is UK English and Scots. The second language of Caladonia is German.


Football (soccer) is the nation’s biggest sport. Caladonia qualified for the 2012 Microwiki Cup after finishing in 2nd place. During this time they recorded their biggest win; 6 - 0 over the United Principality.

Caladonia is also a member of the VMSB and the MFA. The national governing body of Football in Caladonia is the Caladonian Football Association or CFA for short.


There is no official Religion in Caladonia, with citizens given freedom of choice. The variety of belief in Caladonia varies tremendously, from Roman Catholics to Protestants. Although the First Minister is atheist. Due to this the government is secular.


Many Caladonian citizens are musically gifted. The taste in music varies greatly by region in Caladonia, from Elvis lovers in Moncur to a diverse taste in Chirnside, which varies from Snow Patrol to Led Zeppelin.

The Caladonian Broadcasting Agency

Known as the CBA, this is Caladonia's main entertainment/news service. Although much of our TV is cable. The CBA has five platforms these are;

  1. Television
  2. Radio
  3. Newspaper
  4. Online

In 2013, the CBA began planning for Microvision, the micronational equivalent to Eurovision, by setting up the Micronational Broadcasting Union (MBU).