Republic of Markland

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Republic of Markland

For the good of the people.
National Anthem:
None yet selected

Capital Capitol Province (Kennewick, WA)

Largest City with Marklandic Claims Abilene, TX

Official languages English, Texan (dialect of English)

Demonym Marklandian, Marklandic

Religion Christianity

Government Presidential Federal Republic
President Mark Ingalls
Vice-President Ryan Stewart

Established January 1, 2010

– Citizens 29
Area 2.556 Sq Miles (6.620 Sq KM)

Currency Marklandian Dollar (MLDD)

Time zone UTC -8 and -6
(Summer UTC -7 and -5)

Country code ML (proposed)

Internet TDL .ml


Drives on the Right

Calling code +1

National Animal Platypus

National Sport Geocaching

Date formats Holocene calendar

month dd, yyyyy

The Republic of Markland is a micronation based entirely within the United States.

Politics & Government

The vice presidents and Territorial and Provincal Governors will be elected (candidates will be nominated by the president). The president will serve in office all his life. All department heads will be appointed by the president.


The first draft of the Republic's constitution has been completed. Using the constitution of the U.S. state of Alaska as its basis, it also includes several provisions based on the United States federal constitution as well. Key provisions include:

  • Equal rights are guaranteed without regard to race, creed, sex, color, nationality, or disability.
  • An explicitly-worded section that guarantees freedom of religion and declares a separation of church and state.
  • Freedom of speech and press are guaranteed.
  • The Right to bear arms is guaranteed.
  • Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman.
  • Personal income taxes are prohibited.
  • Texan is the official language.

Foreign relations

The Republic recognizes all micronations that are members of the OAM as independent micronations.

Foreign Relations have been set up with the following micronations.

Flag Micronation Date
Republic of West Antarctica 2 January 2010
Kingdom of Vikesland 2 January 2010
Soviet Republic of North America 3 January 2010
Keep Watch 2 January 2010

Republic of Taigh a Bata 4 January 2010
Democratic Republic of Bobalania 8 January 2010
Aerican Empire 13 September 2010

Federal Acts

Act 1 (Departments)

Act Pertains to Date Issued
Act 1A the Department of Waffles 3 January 2010

Act 1B

Act 1B-1

Act 1B-2

the Bureau of Defense

the Department of the Air Force

the Department of Throwing Rocks

4 January 2010

11 January 2010

10 February 2010

Act 1C the Bureau of Meteorology 5 January 2010
Act 1D the Federal Bureau of Cake, Pizza, and Computers

8 January 2010

Act 1E the Department of Hydrology 6 February 2010
Act 1F the Department of the Evil Laugh 8 February 2010

Act 1G

Act 1G-1

The Department of Departments

The Department of Nibs

10 February 2010

10 February 2010

Act 1H The Department of Communications 11 February 2010
Act 1I The Department of Transportation 11 February 2010

Act 2 (Foreign Relations)

Act Pertains to Date Issued
Act 2A members of the UN 4 Jan 2010
Act 2B Taiwan 4 Jan 2010
Act 2C Republic of West Antarctica 4 Jan 2010
Act 2D Kingdom of Vikesland 4 Jan 2010
Act 2E Soviet Republic of North America 4 Jan 2010
Act 2F Keep Watch 4 Jan 2010
Act 2G Republic of Taigh a Bata 4 Jan 2010
Act 2H Kingdom of Camuria and Althacia 4 Jan 2010
Act 2I the City of Boise in Idaho 4 Jan 2010
Act 2J Democratic Republic of Bobalania 8 Jan 2010
Act 2K Aerican Empire 13 Sep 2010

Act 3 (Provinces and Territories)

Act Province/Territory Date Issued
Act 3A Capitol in Kennewick, WA 3 Sep 2010
Act 3B Harbor in Kennewick, WA 3 Sep 2010
Act 3C Bateman in Richland, WA 3 Sep 2010
Act 3D Ingalls in Kennewick, WA 3 Sep 2010
Act 3E Stewart in Kennewick, WA 3 Sep 2010
Act 3F

Act 3F-1

Southland in Abilene, TX

Southland Annex A in Abilene, TX

3 Sep 2010

3 Sep 2010

Act 3G Winthrop in Winthrop, WA 4 Sep 2010


Treaty of Meteorology

The Treaty of Meteorology is a treaty between the Republic of Markland and Contendus Loci stating that the Republic of Markland is responcable for all Meteorological duties in Contendus Loci.

The Republic of Markland's Bureau of Meteorology hereby assumes all responsibility when it comes to predicting and reporting the weather in the Micronation of Contendus Loci until they have a person to take over the meteorological duties of Contendus Loci.

Signed: Mark Ingalls,President, Republic of Markland

I, Sir James, agree to this treaty and all its rules/duties


The President of Markland declared a small part of Dyess AFB, TX as his own sovereign nation. This was the President's first land claims. This attempt in 2008 ultimately failed when his friend claimed more than half the land. They then went too war and this ended both micronations.

In April 2009 the President claimed portions of Kennewick, WA as his own sovereign nation called the Ingalls Empire. This attempt, like the one in 2008 also failed, only this time it was due to a lack of knowledge about establishing a micronation.

On 1 January 2010 President Mark Ingalls declared the Republic of Markland as its own sovereign nation.

On 4 January 2010 President Mark Ingalls created a Bureau of Defense (see Federal Act 1B) because he was worried that the Republic would be called in to help defend their 2 allies that are members of the GAMA during the ASEA Claiming Conflict. This conflict, however, was resolved the following day without a declaration of war.

On 2 September 2010 after several months of inactivity, President Mark Ingalls announced that there will come large changes in the lands claimed by the Republic. This is in an effort to better control the sovereign claims of the Republic. The President sees the task of attempting to gain control of large portions of Washington, Oregon, Texas, and Alaska as too big for the current condition of the Republic. The Republic will also establish embassies with its foreign allies.

On 5 September 2010 the Bureau of Meteorology issued their first weather alert, a Thunderstorm Watch for the Southland Province. The remnants Tropical Depression Ten were forecasted to affect the province.


The Republic of Markland does accept those who are citizens of other Micronations


Send an email with your name, the district that you would be listed as residing in, and (if applicable) other micronations that you are a citizen of to the presdient at

Territorial Claims

Territorial Claims are now listed under Federal Act 3.

The Republic of Markland's land claims are unoccupied semi-arid areas around Kennewick, Washington, a rural area outside of Winthrop, Washington and outside of Abilene, TX, and a few houses in Kennewick and Abilene.We also claim the area around the Playground of Dreams near the Columbia River in Kennewick. The Republic does claim portions of the Columbia River around Bateman Island, and this is the only substantial marine claim.

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