Keep Watch

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Keep Watch
Flag of Keep Watch

Flag of Keep Watch

The flag of Bewarian

Flag of Bewarian

Motto: Servo Vigilo
Translation: To preserve, to be vigilant
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Official language English / Englisc
Demonym Keepwatchic
Currency Dime (Ð)
National game Chess
Registered citizens Fourteen (14)
Date of foundation 3 February 2009
Location Antarctica

Keep Watch is a micronation founded by David Brydon. The mainland is situated between 80˚ S and 85˚ S, with Bewarian territory falling between 75˚ S and the coast of Queen Maud Land, both of which are within the Norwegian claim longitude. These land claims were achieved because both the northern and southern Norwegian claim border remains undefined.

Keep Watch was established through a loophole in the Antarctic Treaty, and claiming this land as a single entity, not a nation or party. Furthermore, the term "micronation" is not defined in the Antarctic Treaty. As is the case with most micronations, Keep Watch is claimed to be a sovereign territory by its government, but has not yet received acknowledgement from other larger nations.

The formation of Keep Watch is said to be greatly inspired by the micronation of Westarctica.


The original concept for the Antarctic micronation began in 2006, originally under the name of "Antarctic Brydon Republic". Beginning January 2009, the interest in the Antarctic micronation was rekindled, and letters were sent to the governments of Argentina, the United Kingdom, the United States, Chile, Australia, Norway, Russia, New Zealand and France; informing them of the land claim. These letters informed them of David Brydon's land claim as a single entity and the respect for the Antarctic Treaty.

Since then, Keep Watch has began to fortify its presence in the Antarctic by establishing a private government headquarters in Canada and formulating a deed to the land. Keep Watch is currently strengthening its presence in the micronational community and is receiving recognition from a number of them. The original land claim and deed to the Antarctic territory was signed by David Brydon on the 3rd of February 2009.

A Keep Watch expansion project was started in early May 2009. On the 9th of May, Keep Watch expanded its territorial claim to include the coast of Queen Maud Land, and down to 75˚ S, once again taking advantage of the Norwegian claim's undefined borders. Bewarian is a province of Keep Watch, thus follows under both federal and Keep Watch Crown rule.

The current territory of Keep Watch (grey) as supported by the Antarctic Micronational Union.

Territory and Conflicts

The land which Keep Watch has claimed is situated between the South Pole and the undefined border of the Norwegian Antarctic claim. A satellite state has been established in Canada as means of maintaining a permanent population outside of Antarctica and forming a government headquarters. The Keep Watch mainland has a border of approximately 3000 km and covers an area of 562500 km².

A number of problems concerning the land claim of Keep Watch have risen since the micronation was first conceived, perhaps the most drastic one being the conflict between the land claims of Keep Watch and Finismund, because both of their land claims fell within each other's borders. On the 23rd of March 2009, Keep Watch relocated its territory northward to avoid land claim conflicts with Finismund.

On the 9th of May 2009, Keep Watch expanded its territory to include the land north of 75˚ up to the coast of Queen Maud Land within the Norwegian claim border. The territory consisting of Shackleton, the New Swabia capital of the Federated States of Antarctica, is not included in this claim.

A new conflict arose in January 2010, with the land claims of Keep Watch and the Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia overlapping each other in Queen Maud's Land. This issue was resolved on the 1st of February, with both micronations agreeing on an exchange of portions of territory that were conflicting.

Following the inactivity of Keep Watch for many years, the Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia decided to annex its territories in 2016. In consideration of the treaties previously signed, ASEA has sent an official communication to Keep Watch, guaranteeing that in case of reactivation in the following 5 years, it would have returned the annexed territories again.
Furthermore, with a public proclamation, full citizenship in the ASEA was guaranteed to all former Keep Watch citizens.

Politics and Culture

Keep Watch was one first members of the AMU, formerly known as GAMA, and remains a member to this day. Keep Watch is recognised by a number of micronations outside of the AMU as well, including the Republic of Markland and the Slinky Empyre. The government of Keep Watch is established as a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, with all major decisions concerning the micronation put to a vote with its citizens. The construction of a Constitution of Keep Watch is currently underway.

The official languages are English and Englisc (Anglo-Saxon). There is no official religion of Keep Watch; however, the majority of its citizens are either Atheist or agnostic. The demonym of the citizens of Keep Watch went under debate soon after the micronation's formation, with the title of 'Keepwatchic' becoming the official one. Some citizens of Keep Watch still use the title of 'Whitenoser' to describe themselves. The national animal is Cryolophosaurus and national flowers are the pearlwort and hairgrass, as depicted on the Coat of Arms.