New Kingdom of Lundy

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Kingdom of lundy
[[United Democratic Counties Of Xonbia|]]

The flag of Lundy.pngEmplem Of The House Of Cake.jpg

"Found in the gutter,and restored above all"
March of the British Grenadiers
Map of lundy.jpg
Lundian claims within the red circles
Capital city Lundy island
Largest city Lundy island
Official language(s) English Dutch Lundian-English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Lundian
Government Semi Constitutional Monarchy
- King Levi Newman
- Head of Ruling pary Vacant
Legislature Parliment
- Type - Unicameral
Established December 28th 2011
Area claimed 700km² estimated
Population 20 Population retain the right to remain British and Belgian citizens
Currency Puffin
Time zone (UTC)
National drink Hot chocolate
National animal Puffin
Patron saint Saint Petroc

The New Kingdom of Lundy (commonly referred to simply as New Lundy or Lundy and sometime refered as Lund By the King of lundy) was created by King Levi the 1st who arose to the throne in 2011, with the original intent to escape the bureaucratic councils of the United Kingdom. The Kingdom was supposedly originally founded by Martin Coles Harman who set up his own government on the island. However, the history of Lundy Island is so vast and inconclusive that no one can come up with any proof to prove or disprove the legitimacy Lundy's supposed independence.


Old Kingdom

The History of Island up unto the 1940 is immensely confusing, and thus many avoid it. During the time before 1940, it is mentioned that Lundy was once an Irish colony, a Kingdom called Heaven, and in 1925 the Kingdom of Lundy. During the first period of the Kingdom of Lundy's rule (1924-1969) founder Martin Coles Harman issue and coins stamps in attempt to make the island seem more island. However he set up no rule of government, and instead claimed the Lundy was an autonomous Dominion of the British Empire. The name kingdom comes from the common use of the word (Devonians Volunteers etc)
A leaflet stating to cause of the kingdom's demise
The kingdom was never officially annexed nor forced into dissolution, it was simply forced into inactivity by the British government, who sought to enforce a law which forbid the issuing of any coins by non government organisations.Thus the king was forced to cease the issuing of coins in 1930. Martin Harman died in 1954. The death of his last heirs john Pennington Harman in WW2, and the other Albion in 1968, the kingdom territory was sold in 1969;thus ending the 44 year reign of the 1st Kingdom of Lundy.

Lundy was then put up for sale in 1969. Jack Hayward, a British millionaire, purchased the island for £150,000 and gave it to the National Trust,who leased it to the Landmark Trust. The Landmark Trust has managed the island since then, deriving its income from arranging day trips, letting out holiday cottages and from donations.


In 2011 the nation of Lundy was restored, but under a personal union with Xonbia, a nation made by Levi Newman.Whilst under this personal union, Xonbia expanded it borders via claims to isolated islands, and adopted the national political idea of Socialism. Though most of the island claims would be lost after Xonbia's disillusion, the ideology of socialism was never truly lost. Xonbia was annexed to Lundy on March 26th 2012, and the supreme dominance of the Xonbian colonies by Lundy was proclaimed on the 28th

Fall of Socialism

Socialism in Lundy went into decline due to a lack of interest. It was instead replaced with Liberalism. However Socialism did make a brief comeback, when Marc Spisenbergen started a coup, and appointed himself Prime minister. Due to his imperialistic tendencies he was over thrown, but never replaced.

2nd Restoration

Advertisement for the "Bright Future" program

After falling into stagnation for a number of months, the leader of the Sorrenian Federation was elected into the office of Premier. He then petitioned for extended powers, called the "Enabling Act", which gave him powers similar to a petty dictator, under the watchful eye of the monarch, Levi Newman. The Prime Minister used these extended powers to launch a new program called "Bright Future", which aimed to save Lundy from stagnation, and extend it. This began by advertising the Facebook page, in order to extend the number of people who could see the news.


In mid-2012 Lundy's King Levi Newman claimed the Belgian enclave in Barrle Nassu. Lundy also claims a small station in Barnstaple.


The Kingdom is a former exporter of cake and lemonade, it sold lemonade to passing British citizens. However, cake was never sold only produced, due to it's vile taste.


Lundian wasn't spoken by any of the citizens of Lundy, it is only written. Portuguese is spoken but only by Princess Marta. Dutch is only spoken in Kleine Veld region and is spoken by King Levi. Portuguese is also the official language of the Lundian Colonial Empire. Lundian-English is not spoken that much within the realm, only on occasion will it be spoken. And occasionaly the members of the house of cake will speak in a sentence or two.


Lundy lost most of it's counties due to the cost of their up keep.Most of the lost counties were re-organised into either vassal states, split counties, or non exitance.

  • Flag of barnstabel station.png Barnstable station (
  • Flag of the dutch terriorys.png Kleine Veld (10th of May 2012- October 19th 2012)
  • 397474 200391020051234 100002410135092 420531 2113083180 n.jpg Lundy island

Diplomatic relations

The Kingdom of Lundy has diplomatic relation with several nations.

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