Demand Improvement Day (Sirocco)

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Demand Improvement Day
Observed by Sirocco
Type Parody
Significance Parodying annual Waitangi Day protests, protesting tongue-in-cheek issues
Date 6 February

Demand Improvement Day is an event held annually on 6 February in Sirocco. Observed on the same date as New Zealand's national day, it is held to parody annual protests by radical activists by holding mock protests revolving around some form of satirical issue. While not a public holiday, the day has been observed and "protested" since 2012.


Themes for Demand Improvement Day are generally decided upon in the days preceding Waitangi Day and are specifically chosen to be completely absurd and/or otherwise of little to no significance to the country at the time.

Year Theme
2012 Demands for the construction of a full-length motorway between the city of Whangarei and the town of Huntly.[1]
2013 Protesting against New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance by demanding the repeal of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987 and the construction of several new atomic[2] power plants.


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  2. "Atomic power" is generally used in place of "nuclear power" in Sirocco.