Provincial Highway 20

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Provincial Highway 20
PH20 Sirocco.png
Province NCD Flag.png Cambria
Length 115m
North North Alston (Ackland District)
South A1 at Whangae South Rd (New Zealand)
Major junctions
Alston City A1 Sirocco.png A1 (Rockport Hwy)
M1 Sirocco.png M1 (Alston Motorway)
New Zealand A1 Sirocco.png A1 (Whangae South Rd/ Glorious Hwy)
Primary destinations North Alston, Alston, Kingdom Bay

Provincial Highway 20 (commonly known as PH20) is a Siroccan highway. It is located entirely within the Alston City territorial authority in Sirocco's Cambria province and serves as a bypass of most of Alston and its suburbs. It is interesting to note that it is the only Provincial Highway to have a green shield as opposed to the standard white one.

Provincial Highway 20 is a grassed dual-carriageway highway for its entire length.


Provincial Highway 20 was created as part of Sirocco's tenth anniversary celebrations. The highway had existed as Highway 20B until 2005 when it became Highway 20 (Highway 20B was rerouted along the original Highway 20) and so the highway's route number was chosen to reflect it. The highway's name, Glorious Highway, honours the former Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia.