A6 (Sirocco)

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A6 Sirocco.png
Length 21m
North A1 Portage Road
South Port Ackland Wharf
Primary destinations Port Ackland

The A6 is a highway in the Siroccan roading network. It is located entirely within the territorial authority of Ackland District in Sirocco's National Capital District province and links the city of Port Ackland with the rest of the province. The highway is identified on signage and maps with the standard green and orange box with A6 in orange type.

The A6 is a completely single carriageway highway for its 21m length. From its northern terminus at the A1 near Ballmore to its terminus at the Port Ackland Wharf it is entirely a dirt road.


The A6 was created in late August 2011 as a means for joining the newly-claimed Port Ackland area to Alston. The road was originally known as Provincial Highway 6.