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Federal Subject of Los Bay Petros

Flag of SAR.png
Flag of Southall
Southall area.png
Location of region within Los Bay Petros
Full Name State of Southall
Capital Faizingrad
Established 20 August 2011
Area 400 sqm
Population 5
License Plate code 5
Type State
Leader(s) Governor Muhammad Hady Faiz
Divisions / Counties 2
NLC Seat
State Representative from Civil's Welfare Party

Southall is a subdivision of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Previously Republic of Ibnu Khaldun, Southall was founded and registered to Los Bay Petros in 20 August 2011 by Muhammad Hady Faiz, a former leader of Ibnu Khaldun Republic.


The name Southall was derived from the word South because the location of Southall was considered as the southernmost in Los Bay Petros on 2010.


The birth of micronationalism in Southall began in 2009 after the current leader of Southall, Muhammad Hady Faiz with his fellow friends established a micronation of 'Ibnu Khaldun Republic and Faiz was chosen to be the vice-president.

After Faiz's elementary school graduation, Ibnu Khaldun Republic began to enter inactivity. When Faiz met Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman in mid-July 2010, they began to talk about micronationalism and finnaly, Faiz registered as a Los Bay Petrosian on 5 August 2011. 15 days later, on 20 August 2011, the successor of RIKD, Southall, was established.


Southall consist of several counties, they are:

State of Southall within LBP's Territory