Kingdom of Mivland

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Mivland, officially the Kingdom of Mivland, is a micronation enclosed inside the United States founded by HRM King Jesse I on August 29, 2018 and based in the state of Missouri. The kingdom has its roots in the former Republic of Mivland which due to political instability, the former president proclaimed himself king in order to reform the national government. Mivland his known for their duel executive position in which the Monarch and the Prime Minister share the same amount out legislative power in a "bi-executive constitutional monarchy", a termed coined by King Jesse. Mivland is made up of the four federal provinces of Foxewood-Millbrook, Hawkland, Gillington, and Outli. Mivland also has two other territories in the form of the Mivland Antarctic Territory and the Thomas Colony. They also are responsible for the signing of the Saint Jessesburg Accords, named for Mivlands capital.

Kingdom of Mivland
Coat of Arms

"Viribus in misericordia"
"Long Live Our Land"
Capital citySaint Jessesburg, Mivlandian Capital District
Official language(s)English
DemonymMivlandian, Mivlandish
GovernmentBi-Executive Constitutional Monarchy
- KingJesse I
- Prime MinisterPrivate PM
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedAugust 29, 2018
Area claimed0.97 km²
National animalHawk

Provinces, Territories, and Districts

  • Foxewood-Millbrook
  • Hawkland
  • Gillington
  • Outli
  • Mivlandian Antarctic Territory
  • Thomas Colony
  • Mivlandian Capital District