Kingdom of Freshland

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Flag of Freshland.svg
Coat Of Arms Of Freshland.png
Coat of Arms
Motto: Usque Semper Victoria (Latin)
Until Victory Always (English)
Anthem: God Save the Big One
StatusInactive (Government in Exile, Active Online)
CapitalScott Island
Largest cityNone
Official languagesEnglish
Standard Galactic
Recognised national languagesFrench
Scottish Gaelic
ReligionSecular State
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
King Scottie I
Formation and Independence from Scottieland
• Established as FNALL
December 2016
• SML Land Formed
June 2017
• Scottieland Formed
August 2017
• Freshland Formed
December 2017
• Monarchy Proclaimed
April 2018
• New Cumnock Expansion
July 2018
• Independence of New Paris
15 June 2019
• East Who Accords
30 March 2020
• Reunification
10 December 2020
• Inactivity Declared
22 June 2021
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

The Kingdom of Freshland, also abbreviated as KOF or KF, or simply, and commonly known as Freshland, is a Inactive Self-proclaimed secessionist Proto-state which has been recognized by the United Nations as a Self-proclaimed secessionist Micronation. Freshland is comprised of several non-contiguous pieces of land, with Mainland Freshland primarily located in a semi-rural town nearby Glasgow, located in the United Kingdom in the Constituent country of Scotland. but also holds a small territorial land claim in the video game Minecraft, of where the capital city and small landmark of Scott Island is located, of where the Current monarch, King Scottie I resides. Freshland is currently not recognized by any Member state of the United Nations. Freshland's Government is a Absolute monarchy, under the Reign of Scottie I, of who is the Founder of Freshland. as of October 2021, there are currently 4 people who have unofficially received Fresh citizenship.

Freshland was first formed in December 2016, and would be governed under various different governments, and have several name changes during its early history in the Mid 2010s, from 2016 up until 2017. but from 2018 and onwards, Freshland would truly begin to function as a micronation. a monarchy would be proclaimed in April 2018, with the first foreign relations being signed in December 2018 with the Republic of Bonumland[1], under then-former president Nick Rankov. Freshland would then go on to participate in the Youtube Micronational Community, which was a Notable sector of Various micronations that were mainly active on Youtube and Discord. Following a Low-intensity civil war conflict, which would come to an end in March 2020, Freshland would withdraw from the sector in 2020, due to multiple different factors. Today, The KOF's government resides in de-facto exile in Blomberg in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, and continues to remain active online. but Freshland holds no longer holds any Formal or active relations with other Micronations or Macronations as of October 2021.


Upon Independence, The name "Freshland" was derived from the name and term "FreshPotato76", a online username which has been commonly used by the current Monarch, King Scottie I. prior to the Founding of Freshland, several name proposals were made though out 2017. but Several of these names would be Rejected and Changed not long afterwards. Eventually, the name "Freshland" would be chosen sometime in December 2017. the name was originally derived from several of the name proposals which included the term "Land" in them and were named after Scottie H. the "Fresh" part of the name, "FreshPotato76" would be chosen.

The Name "FreshPotato76" was chosen by Scottie H sometime in Early 2017. However, But its origins are very unclear, but its generally Speculated and most likely to have been Chosen randomly by Scottie H, and with no actual meaning behind it. the English word and term "Fresh", itself has roots in German, Dutch and French, of which can be traced as far back to Middle, and previously Old English.

Name History

  • June 2017 - August 2017: SML Land
  • August 2017 - December 2017: Republic of Scottieland
  • December 2017: Potatoland
  • December 2017 - April 2018: Freshland
  • April 2018 - May 2018: Monarchy of Freshland
  • May 2018 - Present: Kingdom of Freshland


Early History


The History of Freshland Began with 3 Previous Micronations in 2017, Which Were Founded and Lead by Scottie Harrison and Were Located in Scottie's Minecraft World. The First One, SML Land, Was Founded by Scottie H on an Unknown Date, Speculated to be In Early 2017, But Due to the Lack of Records or Important Information being Documented at the Time, SML Land's Estimated Time of Existence is Speculated to be Around a Couple of Months from Early 2017 to August 2017.

After Scottie H. had Began to Fall out of Interest with the Youtuber it was Named after, a Second state, Scottieland, would be Founded out of the Same territory in Scottie's Minecraft World. It was Named after Scottie H, the Founder of Scottieland. The Nation would build a Space station and a Polar bear camp, But would soon be Dissolved once more in December 2017.

After Scottieland's dissolution, A Third nation, Potatoland would be Briefly formed out of Scottieland's former territory in Scottie's Minecraft World, but was Soon dissolved not Long afterwards, Due to the Lack of Documented information, it is Generally speculated that it Lasted for a Couple of Days or hours.


After Potatoland was Dissolved, Freshland was Founded by Scottie Harrison on an Unknown Date, Most likely in December 2017 after Scottie had Taken interest in the Idea of Micronations, It was declared the Successor state to Potatoland, Like its Predecessors of SML Land, Scottieland and Potatoland, the Newly Born Country was based out of and Located in Scottie's Minecraft World, the Third National flag of Potatoland was Chosen to be Freshland's National flag. The name "Freshland" was decided to be Chosen to be the New Name of the Country which was Reused from Scottie's Minecraft username "FreshPotato76", the Same username that the Name "Potatoland" Came from.

Post Independence Era

Youtube Era

Contemporary History


The Government of Freshland is a Absolute monarchy, under the rule of King Scottie I, who ascended to the Throne in 2018 which made him Freshland's first and current monarch. the King of Freshland, ceremonially referred to as "His Majesty", or "His Royal Highness" is the Head of State of Freshland and has Absolute powers, of which they are Head of the Military and its Branches and Units, can hold and maintain Freshland's foreign relations with other states, can make New laws, New military bases, New embassies and New territorial possessions.

Territorial Claims


Freshland has, and has had several different land claims though out the Nation's history. with the Mainland, commonly referred to "Mainland Freshland" and formerly, or sometimes known as "Metropolitan Freshland" located in the town of New Cumnock in an local semi-rural area of Scotland, this land claim would begin sometime in 2018, originally as a small colony which was established in the Backyard area which would be called "New Paris" by Scottie I. Later on, more Colonies and eventually Provinces and Territories would be established in New Cumnock. these Provinces and Territories would be formed into Mainland Freshland on 10 December 2020 following an brief insurgency in New Paris, and later on the Burnsland Territory on 15 August 2021 following an alleged dispute between the United Kingdom and Freshland, which would by resolved by Scottie I after he had Named the New Territory "Burnsland" in honour of the World-famous 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns, who is often referenced in New Cumnock for his poem "Sweet Afton" witch is mainly centered around the River Afton.


Freshland holds a small territorial claim in a State-owned public Minecraft server which is home to the Capital city and landmark of Scott Island, and is also where the nation originally got its start back in 2016. despite this, it is mainly claimed for ceremonial and symbolic reasons. the Server is currently Semi-Active as of September 2021, and has 2 active players. its also home to the Notable landmark of The Big One, of which many Freshlanders worship every year and commonly use to identify their religious beliefs.


The Afton Creek is a creek which follows along the River Afton, and is very well known for it's Rocks and Tree Branches.

Burnsland's Geography is home to several streams and creeks, with many of them following along the River Afton which includes most notably Afton Creek, along with several Small ravines, Rolling hills and Green Farmland used for raising Sheep, Cows, Horses and Pigs not far away.

Most of the Geography of Freshland's Minecraft Territory, on the Overhand is Predominantly Flat grassland, along with many Lakes, Streams, Rivers and Canals which are apart of the much larger Freshland Sea, which is a Very large and Very shallow Fresh water sea which is Very Well known in Freshland for the Sea's Colourful coral, Turtles, Lilly pads and Kelp. the Freshland Sea is also to several notable islands of which many can vary in size, with Scott Island being one of them. the Sea has been, and is currently in the Middle of Major expansion as a result of a Very severe Server error in June 2021.



The Military force of the Kingdom of Freshland are the Fresh Armed Forces. It is Relatively small and in a State of inactivity as of 2021.

Service Branches

The Fresh Armed Forces are divided into Three branches, the Royal Fresh Army is for Land warfare, the Royal Fresh Navy is for Naval warfare, and the Royal Fresh Air Force is for Aerial warfare:

Branch Founded Status
Noflag.png Royal Fresh Army 2018 Inactive
Flag of Fresh Navy.png Royal Fresh Navy 2018 Inactive
Air Force Ensign of Freshland.png Royal Fresh Air Force 2019 Inactive


The Only unit of the Fresh Armed Forces is the Royal Fresh Cyber Force, which is for Cyberwarfare:

Unit Founded Status
New RFCF Insignia.png Royal Fresh Cyber Force 2020 Inactive