Scottie I of Freshland

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His Majesty and Royal Highness,
King Scottie I of Freshland
King of Freshland
King of Freshland
Reign22 April 2018 - Present
Preceded byThrone Established

His Majesty and Royal Highness, King Scottie I of Freshland is a retired micronationalist, royal and politician. He is the founder, current Monarch and Head of State of the Kingdom of Freshland. Scottie I currently resides in exile in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany.

Scottie H. discovered Micronationalism on Youtube and Wikipedia in 2017. He established around that time a virtual micronation named "Scottieland" in his Minecraft world map, and eventually Freshland sometime between 2017 and 2018. Freshland's form of government would be chosen to be a monarchy in April 2018, with Scottie H. being crowned King Scottie I. Scottie I would soon claim his home's backyard for Freshland, with the entire home being incorporated by May 2019. Scottie I would see service in the Fresh Civil War, and signed the East Who Accords in March 2020, ending the conflict in a ceasefire and stalemate. In June 2021, Scottie I and the rest of the royal family moved to Croatia, and later on to Germany in July 2021. Scottie I established the Burnsland Territory in August 2021 as a continuation of Freshland's mainland.

Early and personal life

Scottie I was born in Basingstoke, England on 22 June 2007.

Titles and Honours

22 April 2018 – present
His Majesty and Royal Highness, Scottie I, King of Freshland


Sleep, my Large Rocky Friend, and Dream of Large Grappling Girl Monsters!

— Scottie in 2020


— Scottie in 2014

MicroWiki is often called "MicroWiki" and not "Micronations Wiki" as the "Nation" in "Micronation" doesn't mean anything anymore.

— Scottie in 2021