Royal Fresh Cyber Force

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Royal Fresh Cyber Force
New RFCF Insignia.png
Active10 December 2020 - Present
Allegiance Freshland
TypeCyber Command Unit
RoleCyberwarfare Operations
SizeNone (Unit in Reserve)
Commanding Officer King Scottie I
Executive Officer Kirsten Grace

The Royal Fresh Cyber Force (RFCF) Is a Military unit apart of the Fresh Armed Forces which is tasked with conducting Cyberspace operations on online sites such as Reddit, Discord and Youtube. before the founding of the RFCF in December 2020 following the establishment of the New Paris Territory, the majority of Freshland's cyber operations were Operated by an unorganized team that was usually made and conducted by King Scottie I. Currently, as of September 2021, the RFCF is in the Reserve, as the unit has not experienced any combat, nor has engaged in any conflict so far.