Kingdom of Freshland

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Freshland Coat of Arms.png
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Until Victory Always"
Anthem: God Save The Big One
CapitalScott's Island
Largest cityNone
Official languagesEnglish
Standard Galactic
Recognised national languagesGerman
Scottish Gaelic
ReligionSecular State
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy under a Diarchy
• King
King Scottie I
• Co King
King Zachary I (Inactive)
Formation and Independence from Scottieland
• Established as FNALL
December 2016
• SML Land Formed
June 2017
• Scottieland Formed
August 2017
• Freshland Formed
December 2017
• Monarchy Proclaimed
April 2018
• Annexation of New Paris
July 2018
• Annexation of New Berlin and East Who
August 2018
• Treaty of New Cumnock
May 2019
• Independence of New Paris
June 2019
• East Who Accords
March 2020
• Treaty of New Paris
December 2020
CurrencyPound Sterling
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theleft

Freshland, officially the Kingdom of Freshland and abbreviated as KOF or KF, is a micronation with that was founded in December 2017 and is currently made up of Metropolitan Freshland which comprises of 5 provinces and 4 territories and is located in New Cumnock Scotland, as well as colonial possessions within Minecraft, where the capital of Scott's Island is located. Freshland only borders the United Kingdom.

Currently, Freshland is not recognized by any nation within the United Nations, however, it maintains good ties with Taedong and West Who. Freshland is a diarchy, under the leadership of King Scottie I and King Zachary.


The name "Freshland" comes from King Scottie's online username, FreshPotato76.



New Berlin

New Berlin, officially the Province of New Berlin, is a Province of Freshland. Despite not being the capital, it is the current residence of King Stottie I as of October 2020, making him New Berlin's entire population of 1. It is located upstairs in Metropolitan Freshland and borders East Who to the East, And the Cromwell Zone to the South. It is one of Freshland's most powerful provinces.

East Who

East Who, officially the Province of East Who, is a province of the Kingdom of Freshland. East Who is Home to the Wall of Teddy which is one of Freshland's Most Popular Tourist Destinations but However, the Economy Has Been Stagnating Due to its High Poverty/Obesity Rate, but the Economy is Expected to Rise Up Again in 2021 due to it's Big KK and Honey Industry.


Napnolt officially the Province of Napnolt, is a Province of Freshland, It is Located in the Kitchen and Borders the Southern Territory to the South, Wongmang to the East, and New Paris to the North, Most of Freshland,s Food and Beverages are Imported from Napnolt and is the Only Province to Share a Border with New Paris.


Wongmang Comprises of the Living Room Located Downstairs in Metropolitan Freshland, it is Currently Divided into 2 Provinces in Order to Keep the Balance of Power Between the Provinces Equal.

South Wongmang

South Wongmang is Located in the First Half of the Living Room Closer to the Frontyard and Frontdoor, and It is Where Freshland,s Minecraft Territories are Operated.

North Wongmang

North Wongmang is Located in the Second Half of the Living Room Closer to New Paris and Napnolt, it is Home to a DriBUDDis and a Window that Has a View into New Paris.




The Kingdom of Freshland has Foreign Relations with the Following Micronations:

Defunct Micronations

Micronations that Freshland Recognized or had Foreign Relations with, Defunct or Not:


Nations that Freshland Recognizes as Sovereign Countries: