Royal Fresh Navy

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Royal Fresh Navy
Flag of Fresh Navy.png
Fresh Naval Ensign
Founded19 November 2018[a]
Country Freshland
RoleNaval warfare
Size3 commissioned ships
3 reserve personnel
Part of Armed Forces of Freshland
HeadquartersEast Who, Mainland Freshland (2019 - 2020)
EngagementsFresh Civil War
Commander in Chief King Scottie I

The Royal Fresh Navy (RFN) is the Naval warfare branch of the Armed Forces of Freshland. Founded in November 2018 by King Scottie I, the RFN was the most advanced and powerful military branch alongside the Royal Fresh Army throughout the Fresh Civil War. The RFN today currently remains inactive, with all its personnel and battle ships in reserve as of 2023.


The Royal Fresh Navy was founded on 19 November 2018 by King Scottie I. The RFN was active though out most of 2019 before and after the Fresh Civil War. During the conflict, the RFN ordered the construction of 4 small battleships which were dedicated mainly to patrol an area of water that was not far from New Berlin.

Two of those battleships sank during the conflict. The RFN's Garrison in East Who was closed in Early 2020 and just prior the East Who Accords which were signed in March 2020.

From late 2019 to late 2020, the RFN was largely inactive, but this changed in January 2021 when King Scottie I made a proposal that the RFN should advance its fleet into large inflatable boats.

The RFN purchased a large inflatable boat able to carry 2 personnel and she would later be named the "SS Afton Creek" in honor of the Afton Creek nearby Mainland Freshland. She is currently in the Fresh military reserve unit as of 2023.

Since June 2021. The RFN has been in a state of inactivity, as all ships are currently in reserve.


The Fleet of the RFN is made up of 2 small ships and a large inflatable ship able to fit two personnel. All 3 ships have since been decommissioned, and are currently in the Fresh Military Reserve Unit as of 2023.


  1. The RFN is presumed to have been founded on 19 November 2018, based on the creation date of the RFN's ensign.