Republic of Scottieland

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Republic of Scottieland
Flag of Scottieland
Coat of arms
CapitalScottieland Space Station
Largest cityNone
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesScottish Gaelic, Finnish, Spanish
GovernmentUnitary republic
• Prime Minister
Scottie Harrison
• Established
August 2017 (Speculated)
• Dissolved
December 2017 (Speculated)
Driving sideleft
Preceded by
Succeeded by
SML Land

The Republic of Scottieland, or simply, and commonly known as Scottieland was a Micronation based in the video game Minecraft which was Founded by Scottie Harrison in August 2017 following the Dissolution of SML Land. Info about Scottieland is Extremely sparse, as Very little to no Info was archived about the ROS, However most info about the ROS comes from accounts from relatives of Scottie H who had known about Scottieland. it has been Speculated to have been dissolved in December 2017 and would be succeeded by Potatoland. Potatoland has been Speculated to have been dissolved a Few hours later, and would be succeeded by Freshland.


Scottieland was named in honour of Scottie H after it was Founded.


It is unknown when Scottieland was founded, but it is Known that it was founded after it's Predecessor, SML Land was Disbanded due to Scottie H. falling out of interest with the Youtuber it was named after and the SML Land economy stagnating.

Space Station

After Scottie's family moved to Several houses, Scottie H founded a Space station for Scottieland, which was mostly made out of Cobblestone. The Space Station made Several expeditions and planted the Flag of Scottieland on Several Planets, which include:


The Government of Scottieland was based out of the Space Station and was lead by Scottie H. it also had a small underground hotel. Today it is now Scott Island which still serves as the Capital of Freshland.