Republic of Scottieland

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Republic of Scottieland
Flag of Republic of Scottieland
and largest city
Scottieland Space Station
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesScottish Gaelic
GovernmentUnitary republic
• Prime Minister
Scottie Harrison
• Established
August 2017 (speculated)
• Dissolved
December 2017 (speculated)

The Republic of Scottieland, more commonly known as Scottieland, was a virtual micronation located in a world map in the video game Minecraft. Scottieland was founded by Scottie Harrison circa August 2017 after the dissolution of SML Land. There is very little information available at present about Scottieland, only some details that have survived through accounts provided by those relatives of Scottie H. who knew about it. It is understood that Scottieland was dissolved in December 2017 and was succeeded by Potatoland. Although Potatoland existed only very briefly, it is still remembered as the immediate forebear of Freshland.


Scottieland was named in honour of its founder Scottie H.


Scottieland's exact foundation date remains shrouded in mystery, although it is estimated to have occurred after its predecessor state "SML Land" was disbanded when Scottie H. fell out of interest with the nation, as well as with the popular Youtube content creator which it was named after.

Space Station

Scottieland maintained a small space station which was managed by Scottie H. The building was mostly made out of cobblestone, and also had a small underground hotel. The space station made several expeditions and planted the Flag of Scottieland on several planets, including:


The Government of Scottieland was known as a Republic, with Scottie H. serving as Prime Minster. The government was based in Scottieland's space station. Presently, the government's building is located in Scott Island and it is the Monarch of Freshland's royal residence. The island still constitutes the capital of modern day Freshland.