Planned 2021 Freshland Attack

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Planned 2021 Freshland Attack
Map of Freshland in Europe.png
Map of Freshland, where the event took place.
Date08:30-09:30 British Summer Time
Result Fresh victory, attack called off
 Freshland Anti-Fresh Bandits
Commanders and leaders
Freshland Warren Sedgwick Unknown

The Planned 2021 Freshland Attack occurred in Mainland Freshland on the morning of 22 June 2021, when a group of individuals attempted to meet with Freshland's Royal Family in order to convince them to handover their belongings under the pretence of being the shipment company hired earlier on by Fresh Nobleman Warren Sedgwick who quickly foiled the attack. After realising their deception had been uncovered, the group of bandits called off the plot and retreated from the area.