Planned 2021 Freshland Attack

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Planned 2021 Freshland Attack
Date08:30-09:30 BST, 22 June 2021
(1 hour)
Result Fresh Victory
Freshland Kingdom of Freshland Noflag.png Anti-Fresh Bandits
Commanders and leaders
Freshland Warren Sedgwick Noflag.png Unknown

The Planned 2021 Freshland Attack, although not carried out, was an event which occurred in Mainland Freshland on the Morning of 22 June 2021 and lasted around an hour. The planned out attack had originally began as an unspecified group of people made plans to meet up with Freshland's Royal Family, in order to convince them to handover their belongings, under the pretext that were a shipment company. Fresh Nobleman Warren Sedgwick found out and discovered the plans shortly afterwards. in the aftermath, the group of people would call the attack off and left the area not long afterwards.