Monarchy of Freshland

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King of Freshland
Coat Of Arms Of Freshland.png
Coat of Arms of Freshland
Scottie I

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent None
First monarch Scottie I
Formation 22 April 2018
Appointer Hereditary
Residence In Exile

The Monarchy of Freshland, ceremonially referred to as His Majesty and Royal Highness, His Majesty or His Royal Highness is the political institution comprising a Monarch of Freshland. The monarch - males titled as King and females titled as Queen - is the head of state of Freshland, by virtue of which they wield the extensive, executive, legislative, judicial and military powers of The Throne. The first and current Monarch is HM&RH King Scottie I, who ascended to the throne on 22 April 2018. Scottie I has held the title since then, and is currently the longest reigning monarch of Freshland.


The monarch of Freshland, if male, is titled as King or the Sovereign and ceremonially referred to as "His Majesty and Royal Highness", "His Majesty" or "His Royal Highness", and if female, is titled as Queen or the Sovereign and ceremonially referred to as "Her Majesty and Royal Highness", "Her Majesty" or "Her Royal Highness" is the Head of State of Freshland as well as the Government and has Absolute powers that are not limited to a constitution. they also have full judicial power and take most of the part in the government. The monarch is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Freshland.


The monarch of Freshland reenlists a full political appearance, they are Able to have the right and power to do anything and can decide what can happen in Freshland and what can not, including:

  • The power to construct any new foreign embassy and can hold and maintain Freshland's foreign relations with other states.
  • The power to veto any new law, that passes though any government organisation
  • The power to construct any new military base or maintain any new military presence anywhere.
  • The power to appoint the government to annex or incorporate any new claims or possessions form other states.
  • The power to appoint any new player into the Freshland Minecraft server.
  • The power to ban any player of the Freshland Minecraft server.


Alongside, and apart from their powers, the monarch of Freshland also maintains and follows several duties, including:

List of Monarchs

Name Portrait Arms Birth Marriages Death House
Scottie I
Scottie Harrison
22 April 2018

(5 years, 37 days)
Ph.png Nocoa.png 22 June 2007
None Living
Age: 15 years, 341 days


Scottie I, King of Freshland