Kingdom of Terdom

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Kingdom of Turdas
Motto: TBA
File:Southern Asia
Largest cityDollydom
Official languagesEnglish, Turdomanese
Establishment5 July 2017
• Census
CurrencyTurdomanese Tika
Time zoneGMT +6

The Kingdom of Turdas is a small country in southern Asia. Comprising of plains and the snow-capped majestic mountain Glabdisvortefct. The country has 5 inhabitants. The plains are flanked by two forests. In the fertile Turdas plains are wheat lands and cattle pastures. The soil is rich in minerals of all kinds.

Turdas exports wheat, rice, corn, mineral water, horses and violinists.


Until the XVIIth century, Turdas was inhabited by nomadic tribes who call themselves as Hibroutans. In the XIXth century, Turdas was conquered by the Survathas, who tortured the Hibroutarians. And from then on till the XXI century. In MMXVIII under the leadership of Wilhelm Pips Rorohima the Survathas were finally driven out of Turdas. Finally, on V- VII– MMXVII Turdas got its independence from the Survathas. And a new country was formed with the name “KINGDOM OF TURDAS”. Wilhelm was erected as the Mahaptr (in Turdomanese the king is called Mahaptr). Its capital was Allingston.


Presidents of Terdom

Presidents of Kingdom of Terdom
Name of the President Political Party Term number President number Term Dates Notes Prime minister
Sicolo Montblac Tobo Paksh 1 1 10 July 2017 - 27 November 2017 Fired from office Nirvas Domnics
Paulos Mejas Mahol Turdas 1 2 28 November 2017 – present Nirvas Domnics

Prime ministers of Terdom

Prime ministers of the Kingdom of Terdom
Name of the Prime minister Political Party Term Number Prime minister Number Term Dates Notes President
Nirvas Domnics Tobo Paksh 1 1 28 December 2018 - 28 December 2019 First Prime minister Sicolo Montblac
Nirvas Domnics Tobo Paksh 2 2 28 December 2019 – present Paulos Mejas

Information about Prime minister

  • A Prime minister's job is to assist the president and provide them good information
  • A Prime minister's political party and the president's may differ.


Ministries are parts of parliament that decide different things according to their specialty. A list of them is below:

List of Ministries

  1. Ministry of Public Welfare and Public Records
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Ministry of Defense
  4. Ministry of Communications and Broadcast
  5. Ministry of Secret service
  6. Ministry of Education
  7. Ministry of Planning
  8. Ministry of Finance
  9. Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship
  10. Ministry of Food and Agriculture

States and Territories

States and Territories of Kingdom of Turdas
State Population Governer
Mobison 5 Bill Sodu
Dollydom 1 Noman
Narticks 2 Raymalle
Sompona 4 Questre
Tardoj 2 Bhimpuj


Medals and Awards of Kingdom of Terdom
Name Awarded by Eligibility
King of The Kingdom of Turdas Any person deemed by the King to have done something excellent
Minister for Defence Any Imperial Army Member who has helped during a war


Bank Notes: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50

[no coins]

National Symbols

National Symbols
Fruit Rambutan
Animal Wolf
Car Rolls Royce Ghost
Instrument Euphonium
Sport Table Tennis
Tree Cedar
Vegetable Bittergourd
Bird Hen