Federal Republic of Whestcorea

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Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Coat of arms
Motto: 'I speak that into existence. I have planted the seed; I will see the harvest! Get out of my house!' - God Warrior, 721 BC
Anthem: "Canada"

Whestcorean claims marked in red
CapitalRGS DB
Largest cityMaidenhead
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentNominally tricameral legislature, effectively bicameral
• Mememaster-General
Horatio Eden
• Monarch
God Warrior
• Leader of the Opposition
Rainbow Gordon Bennett
LegislatureDual Houses of Government
EstablishmentSeptember 2015
• Census
23 (as of October 2015)
CurrencyWhestcorean Snoop Dollar (de facto), Great British Pound (de jure)
Time zoneGMT + 1
Preceded by
w:United Kingdom

The Federal Republic of Whestcorea, also referred to as the Republic of Whestcorea or simply Whestcorea, is a self declared sovereign state in the United Kingdom. It is a federal republic comprising four states and a capital district.

Whestcorea is bordered by the Austenasian towns of Lichtenstein and part of Greater Wrythe to the east,[1] the St.Charlian borough of New Ridgeway to the south-east, the Dale Republic to the south and the United Kingdom in all other cardinal directions. The national economy remains heavily dependent upon the UK to survive, considering the national currency is effectively worth nothing.

Whestcorea has yet to secede from the UK in an official sense but has already begun the process of legislating for itself. It was founded by Horatio Eden, Bob Christ and Bwnpai in October 2015 following Eden's noticing the success of the Universal Triumvirate, where his brother, Jackson Eden, formerly served as Chief Ambassador.[2]


The nation was originally intended to be named West Korea, after the small Far East country of the similar name; however, based on the distance between Whestcorea's territory and that of Korea, it was decided this name would not suffice, though Eden was reluctant to give it up. Eventually, they altered the name slightly - changing the word "West" to include an H, substituting the letter K in Korea for a C, and turning the entire name into a single somewhat altered portmanteau: "Whestcorea". The name stuck.



Jackson Eden, brother of Horatio Eden, former Chief Ambassador of the Universal Triumvirate

Jackson Eden, brother to Horatio Eden, joined the Universal Triumvirate government on the 20th of July, 2015,[3] originally serving as Head of Media. His brother Horatio was intrigued by the idea of running a country in this way, but elected instead to start his own country rather than "throw in" with another, already established micronation. Following input from Horatio's colleagues, the naming of the politicians that would be involved took on a far more tongue-in-cheek form, with Horatio being appointed as the first Mememaster-General (he maintained his leadership following a snap federal election in November, with his Congressional majority surviving the collapsed number of seats in government).

After this was in place, the Whestcorean Constitution was framed by Eden and ratified by eight of the ten citizens at the time, rendering the Constitution into law and establishing the Republic.

Immediate post-naissance Era: September 2015 - January 2016

The IP Era follows everything taking place before the first official (excluding snap elections, such as the one that took place in early November 2015) general election, slated to occur now in March 2016.

James Reece

The fledgling country met with a number of issues straight out of the gate; James Reece, a Whestcorean criminal, was exiled by the government, and in retaliation he started his own country, AS A, and left, claiming swathes of Whestcorean territory. As of the 2nd of October, 2015, Whestcorea and AS A are technically at war,[4] though no military engagements have been reported. There was a subpoena issued for Reece's arrest, citing:

- "Two counts of improper deposition of the proper authority and attempted illegal annexation of sovereign territory[...]"
- "Fifty-five counts of forgery of international currency[...]"
- "One count of crimes against humanity, in the case of the Whestcorean/Arabian v. AS Aan conflict."[5]

The subpoena required Reece to appear in court on the 5th of October, but the subpoena was dropped and diplomatic negotiations are currently ongoing.

Government history

The initial government of Whestcorea was particularly unstable. The Party Party, led by Horatio Eden, framer of the Whestcorean Constitution, initially held all of the eleven seats that were then in Congress, but following a sudden wave of multi-partisanism encouraged to a degree by the impending federal election which would determine whether the country could function as a democracy, the party split into many separate parts.[6] The Different Party, Majority Party and Irresponsibly Capitalist Party were the first to appear, with the Birthday Party appearing later (the Democratic Dictatorship Party formed after the first federal election).
The first Congress led by Mememaster-General Eden was, however, productive; a number of pieces of legislation, notably creating the Whestcorean Code and establishing a system of law enforcement as well as providing for an eventual military force was among some of Eden's earliest legislation. Moreover, party unity was strong in the leading party, with close to 100% of Eden's legislation being approved.
Such was not the same in the second Congress. The federal election had torn up the initial makeup of the Congress, with the Different Party coming into a greater degree of power - their leader being made Leader of the Opposition - and the Majority Party lost all three of their pre-election seats. The Party Party's Seating Act, which had cut the number of seats in Congress from eleven to eight in light of the small population, had reduced the Party Party's chokehold on the legislative process considerably, with Rainbow Gordon Bennett, then the monarch and the most outspoken non-Party Party politician in Congress, opposing most of Eden's legislation.[7] This made bipartisan work between the Different Party and the Party Party difficult, though the Party Party continued to produce some legislation, notably the House of Patricians Act, which created the branch of government with the same name.
On the 12th of November, King Bennett I abdicated the throne, leaving no obvious heir to the crown, before renouncing his abdication a few days afterwards. Six days after this, I. D. Kano was appointed Speaker of the House of Congress.[8]
This was a time of great domestic suspicion of the government as a legislative body. When asked to comment on allegations that the ruling party and the Congress as a whole were corrupt, then House Speaker and current Vice Mememaster-General Bob Christ responded casually, "They are very true," as well as suggesting controversially that his plan for "political reform" was to gather as much power as possible and vest it in himself.[9]

Goverment, politics and legislatures

Political parties

The Federal Republic of Whestcorea has many political parties, current and former.

Current Parties

Political Parties of Whestcorea
Name Logo Leader Ideology Congress Senate
Party Party Horatio Eden Broadly conservative
6 / 9
5 / 13
Different Party Rainbow Gordon Bennett Large-tent liberalism
0 / 9
0 / 13
Birthday Party AP OptiMegaCell Sensible, "fun" conservatism
0 / 9
0 / 13
House Party Samuel Jackson Single-issue, drug-liberalization focused
2 / 9
0 / 13
Not a Party Ian Nolon No unified ideologies; conglomerate of all member's opinions
0 / 9
4 / 13

Former political parties

  • Irresponsibly Capitalism Party
  • Majority Party
  • Democratic Dictatorship Party
  • Bachelors Party

Government positions

Horatio Eden (Party Party), current Mememaster-General

Both the Federal and State governments have similar structures to this, though this list is solely the federal government due to that government being the only active body at this time.

Following the November federal election, the seats in Congress have been reduced from eleven total to eight total; as such, the Congressional Portfolio is undergoing a rewrite.

The Government

Portfolio Minister Took office Party
Congressional Mememaster-General Horatio Eden September 2015 Party Party
Congressional Vice-Mememaster General Bob Christ September 2015 Party Party
MC/Foreign Mememaster Bob Christ September 2015 Party Party
MC Bwnpai September 2015 Party Party
MC John A. Cena September 2015 Party Party
MC/Attorney-Mememaster The Chief Justice November 2015 Party Party
MC/Mememaster for Defense Baron von Sherwood September 2015 Party Party

The God Warrior's Most Loyal Opposition

Portfolio Minister Took office Party
Leader of the Opposition L.M. January 2016 Democratic Dictatorship Party
MC Shinmen no Genshin January 2016 Different Party


Macronation Ambassador Took office Left office Party (if applicable)
Ambassador to Sweden Anders Saltborn 23 December 2015 Incumbent N/A

Other Government positions

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Skype Liaison to the Nollandish Confederacy Jackson Eden October 3, 2015 November 17, 2015 UT Union Party
Chief of Staff to the Congressional Mememaster-General Adam 4 November 2015 Incumbent Party Party
Chair of the Unified Defense Council Vacant N/A N/A N/A

Structure of legislature

Whestcorean Congress Hall

The Federal Government of Whestcorea composes of a legislo-executive and a judiciary. The Congress represents residents of Whestcorea proper and the Senate is representitave of citizens abroad. The House of Patricians serves a ceremonial role with some veto power with membership from the nobility of Whestcorea.
The Congress and the Senate are equal in power, except that bills originated in the Senate must be approved by the Congress, whilst bills passed by the Congress, except related to foreign policy, do not need Senate approval. Each House is led by a Speaker and the head of government for the federation is the Mememaster-General, who can be elected from either house but elected by joint session of all houses.
The Technical Monarch appoints members of the nobility for life, although the Congress and Senate may remove memebers from the House of Patricians by two-thirds support.

Government procedure

Bills must first achieve a majority vote in the Congress, after which point they go directly to the Mememaster-General for signature. However, the Mememaster-General can still choose to veto the bill if he so wishes, returning the bill to Congress and requiring them to achieve a two-thirds supermajority in order for the bill to pass. After this, the bill is passed to the House of Patricians, where it can also be struck down by the nobles of Whestcorea, though this rejection can also be overturned by the same supermajority.

Bills can also be struck down in whole or in part by the Whestcorean Supreme Court if they are deemed unconstitutional.


First Eden Congress

This is a compendium of all legislation passed by the first Congress of Whestcorea, convened by Mememaster-General Horatio Eden.

The Whestcorean Codification Act
Sets out how laws are codified and how they are recorded.
Unified Resolution of War Against AS A
Declaration of war against AS A, led by the Whestcorean criminal James Reece.
The Senate House Act
Creates a Senate to represent the interests of international Whestcorean citizens, changing the original legislature into the present Dual Houses of Government.
The Codification Amendment Act
Amends key aspects of the Whestcorean Code for organizational purposes.
Constitutional Amendments 1 and 2
Information about the amendments have been classified by the government.
The Initial Title Act
Adopts the first Title of the United States Code, creating a framework by which the government can add legislation to the statute books.
The Law Enforcement Act
Adds Title 3 to the Whestcorean Code, creating state law enforcement agencies, the FCID, the FSA and the MIB.
The National Defense Act
Adds Title 2 to the Whestcorean Code, creating the military, the NSTO (the National Security Threat-o-Meter, the rough equivalent to the USA's DEFCON) and the TTO (the Terrorist Threat-o-Meter, for analysis of terror threats against the Republic).
Party Membership Regulation Act
Prevents parties being formed if they have less than two members.
Unified Resolution Regarding the Nollandish Confederacy
Enabled the Whestcorean government to begin the Nollandish Confederacy application process.
The Seating Act
Reduces the number of seats in the Congress from eleven to eight to account for the size of the population. This is the last piece of legislation put through by the first Eden Congress as the Act's passage necessitated an immediate federal election.

Second eden congress

After winning five of the eight seats available in the Congress, Mememaster-General Horatio Eden asked the God Warrior to allow him to convene a new government. This is a compendium of all legislation passed and defeated by the second Congress of Whestcorea, convened by Mememaster-General Horatio Eden.

The Magician Act [Postponed]
Makes the practice of magic a federal crime punishable by law.
Unified Resolution of Condemnation Against the United Micronations (2014) [Defeated]
A bill condemning the lack of democracy and poor English of the United Micronations (2014). Closed following the announcement of new Presidency elections.
Legislative Cleanup Act [In progress]
Removes unnecessary legislation and cleans up the statute books. Repeals the Seating Act, would trigger another federal election if passed.
Tricameralization Act [Passed]
Creates a third House of Congress, the House of Patricians, which serves as an equivalent to the UK House of Lords, containing the Whestcorean nobility.
Federal Crimes Act 2016 [Passed]
Sets out standards for various crimes and how they should be punished by the judicial system.
Fifth Amendment to the Constitution [Defeated]
Gives the Mememaster-General wide emergency powers in a state of national emergency. Overwhelmingly rejected by the Congress.


An election poster for the Birthday Party in the November 2015 federal election. They won one seat in Congress.

Elections are held once every four months, in January, May, and September, meaning the government is generally re-elected three times a year. At this time, all the seats in the federal government and state governments are put up for re-election. Each state is entitled to pick two representatives, while the District of Brittania may pick one. These elections are decided via a run-off election, where the top candidate must achieve a majority and the next candidate a plurality (except in the case of the D.B., where a candidate must achieve a majority as there is only one spot in the government available).

The Mememaster-Generalate election is different. The leader of each party does not run for election; instead, the party that either commands a majority of the Congress or has the highest number of seats in a coalition government wins an extra seat for their leader, who becomes Mememaster-General. There is no Generalate term limit.

There are a few rules to how parties may approach elections:

- Parties may use any medium of campaigning they see fit.
- Parties have no limit on campaign budgeting.
- Parties may not create defamatory advertisements of any kind against another candidate unless it can be shown that there is evidence for the allegations made - i.e: if the candidate is being accused of having a voting record at odds with the best interest of the electorate.


A Mememaster-General may trigger a re-election at any time, resetting his four month term, generally if they think they can win a higher majority than they currently command, though a re-election can also be triggered by a successful vote of no confidence or impeachment against the Mememaster-General.

Past elections

November 2015 federal election

The November, 2015 federal election was triggered by the passage of the Seating Act, which cut the number of seats in Congress from eleven to eight. The election saw Horatio Eden, Mememaster-General at the time of the election, hold onto his party's majority and gaining five seats total. The previous Opposition was completely wiped out, with the Majority Party receiving exactly 0% of the popular vote.

January 2016 federal election

The January, 2016 federal election was triggered by Horatio Eden's State of the Union, in which he declared that a federal election would be held a month earlier than planned. It is currently in progress.

Powers of government

The federal government has the following specific powers under Article I, Subarticle III of the Whestcorean Constitution:[10]

Powers regarding taxation

It can raise any of the following taxes:

  • An income tax of any level;
  • A corporation tax of any level;
  • A sales tax of any level;
  • A VAT of any level.

It is specifically debarred from raising any of the following taxes:

  • A capital gains tax of any level;
  • Foreign imports tax of any level, commonly known as protectionism.

General powers of federal government

The government has the following powers specifically in and of itself:

  • The government may coin its own currency, establish interest rates, and bailout nationally important institutions, though it may not forcibly nationalize institutions or excessively involve itself in the private sector unless dire financial circumstances necessitate it.
  • It can make war with other nations.
  • It is the primary body for formulating foreign relations.
  • It may formulate legislation affecting all states of the Republic.
  • It may administer specifically to the District of Brittania.
  • It may borrow money from other governments.
  • It may raise a national army, navy, or any form of armed force or militia.
  • It may pass laws on behalf of the states until the states have their own legislatures to pass legislation on their own.
  • It may charge individuals or organizations with federal crime.
  • They were previously unable to grant titles of nobility under Article I, Subarticle III, Chapter IV a) vii) of the Constitution, but Congress repealed this clause, meaning they may now grant these titles.

The federal government is, however, limited in certain respects:

  • It may not pass any law that contravenes the Constitution.
  • It may not pass any bill of attainder or apply an ex post facto law.
  • It may not use its powers to deprive any private citizen or organization of their constitutional rights.
  • It may not use its powers to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
  • Once states can legislate for themselves, the federal government may not infringe on their legislative rights.

Foreign affairs

The Whestcorean government attempted to make diplomatic relations with the Universal Triumvirate, but their attempts were futile - the unusual titling of their politicians made any sort of negotiation impossible.

"#" designates the chronological order in which diplomatic relations were established in the table below.

# Flag or symbol Nation/organization name
Native name
Head of State/Leader Date of Establishment Ruling party Nature of diplomacy
1 Micronational Cooperation Group Ned Gunderson 19 October 2015 Non-partisan Member state
The Whestcorean government joined the MCG on the 19th of October, 2015, after their leader formerly served on the Council of Neds, in Nedland. Ned Gunderson has since resigned entirely from micronationalism[11]
2 Nollandish Confederacy Tsar Thomas I, Anthony Clark 27 October 2015 (date of approval) Confederal Freedom Party Member state
The Whestcorean government applied during the tenure of Leon Williamson as Nollandish Confederacy Secretary-General. Following his resignation after the Kenspiracy, the application was acknowledged under Anthony Clark's administration, before being approved on the 27th of October.
3 Principality of Hashima
Fejedelemség Hashima
Prince Fabrizio I 11 November 2015 Nationalist Party of Hashima Mutual recognition
The Principality of Hashima requested mutual recognition with the Federal Republic of Whestcorea on the 11th of November, 2015, as a prelude to the Federal Republic's application to the United Micronations. They have now signed a treaty of mutual recognition enshrining this agreement in international law.
4 United Micronations Prince Fabrizio I as UM President 12 November 2015 (date of entrance) N/A Former member state
Whestcorea joined the UM during a period of difficulty related to an altercation between Hashima and the Democratic Republic of Belia. See certificate below. The Republic's membership was revoked following the passage of Government Resolution 01-2016.
5 Democratic Republic of Belia Alejandro Sepúlveda 12 November 2015 Belia Unida Executive Order of condemnation[12]
Whestcorean Mememaster-General Horatio Eden issued an Executive Order of condemnation against Belia following their accusation that Whestcorea was a puppet of the Principality of Hashima. In light of the series of bans Belia has received for using alternate accounts on the MicroWiki, Whestcorea has since ceased to recognize Belia as a sovereign country.
6  Empire of Austenasia Austenasia HIM Emperor Jonathan I 14 November 2015 Non-partisan Unilateral recognition
Whestcorean Mememaster-General Horatio Eden issued an Executive Order[13] unilaterally recognizing the Empire of Austenasia on the 14th of November, though this has yet to be ratified by the Foreign Office.
7 Whestcorean Alliance of States, Territories and Entities
Horatio Eden as WASTE President[14] 15 November 2015 (date of establishment) Non-partisan Founding member state
Whestcorea founded the WASTE in reaction to Belia's creation of the United Micronations (2015).
8 Empire of Paravia Emperor Patrick I 15 November 2015 House of Renwick (non-partisan) Bilateral recognition[15]
Following discussions of micronational organizations and because of Paravia's alliance with Horatio's brother's former nation, the Universal Triumvirate, the two nations bilaterally recognized each other.
9 Republic of Latitudia HSH Anders Saltborn 24 December 2015 Partisan status unknown Bilateral recognition
Executive Order recognizing Latitudia was enacted by Mememaster-General Eden following bilateral discussions with Latitudia's leader, Anders Saltborn.
Certification of Whestcorean membership of the UM

International Organizations

The Nollandish Confederacy

The Nollandish Confederacy is run by a parliamentary system. With its population and registered electorate taken into account, Whestcorea received three seats in its most recent by-election,[16] when two Freedom Party candidates (Horatio Eden and Bob Christ) and one non-inscrit of the national Party Party were elected.

The United Micronations

Each state in the UM receives one vote on motions and legislation.[17] As such, Whestcorea is singularly represented by Federal Mememaster-General Horatio Eden, who is responsible for proposing motions to the organization on the Whestcorean government's behalf.

Propositions to Intermicronational Organizations

# Flag or symbol Organization name
Leader Date of Proposition Nature of proposition Status
1 Nollandish Confederacy Secretary-General Anthony Clark 11 November 2015 Bill format regulation Voting in progress
Due to Whestcorea's by-election not being concluded at the time of the proposition, Anthony Clark, Secretary-General of the Confederacy, proposed it on their behalf. So far, the vote is divided four to one in favour of the bill's passage.[18]
2 United Micronations Principality of Hashima as UM President 12 November 2015 Vesting the power of expulsion from the organization in the membership as a whole[19] Under consideration
A proposition that concerns the powers of the President of the UM and would move to vest his power of expulsion in the United Micronations as a whole.


The national currency is the Snoop Dollar (S$). So far, the only business in the Republic is the Eden Broadcasting Company, a nationalized news reporting institution (see Media), which, by nature of so being is a non-profit organization. This in turn means 100% of GNP is government spending and the Whestcorean Government is the richest institution in the economy.

According to the Whestcorean Mint, 70 Snoop Dollars in notes has so far been printed. The government is currently in the process of printing more notes to improve currency velocity and overall circulation.

Government economic policy is executed by the Mememaster for the Treasury, Commerce and Industry, who frames the budget for each four month period of government.

Government budget

The government budget has yet to be written, due in part to the fact that the currency is in a state of formulation. As of the time of writing, the currency is as yet not backed by anything that could be deemed valuable, with legislation to provide for this still awaiting a second reading in Congress, meaning any government spending would effectively be of no micro or macronational value.

Mememaster-General Eden is currently writing a provisional budget for when this legislation is passed, which will require the approval of Congress once written. The Congress can override Eden's budget if it so chooses and instead formulate their own for him to implement. A few, limited facts are known about the provisional budget:

  • 0% of the government budget will be spent on debt interest, due to the fact that the government has yet to borrow money from any organization or government.
  • Money will potentially be spent on improving infrastructure and naturalization, to speed up the process of staffing state legislatures.



The Daily Micronational's logo

The media industry of Whestcorea is currently dominated by the Eden Broadcasting Company, a nationalized company operated by the Mememaster-General which owns and operates all of the state news agencies. As of now there are two such news agencies, the Whestcorean Times, the national news agency for Whestcorea and Whestcorean events, and the Daily Micronational, effectively the World Service version of the Whestcorean Times, reporting on international events and intrigue. Both companies are nationalized and operated by the Ministry for Media and Public Outreach. So far, no written, visual or audio-based media has been developed, nor have any businesses appeared to fill this gap, though this is likely down to the small population size. A YouTube version of the Daily Micronational has been released also, so far having published five episodes.


Main article: Holy Apostolic Church of the God Warrior

Government religious propaganda

The official state-sanctioned religion is the Holy Apostolic Church of the God Warrior, which preaches obedience to and veneration of the God Warrior. The religion was founded shortly after the inception of the country by Rainbow Gordon Bennett, who declared himself the emissary of God Warrior, and as such any future government is required to request God Warrior's approval before they can begin to legislate. The Supreme Court is investigating whether this process is unconstitutional.
A book describing the inception of the God Warrior and the story of the God Warrior's ascendance to religious leader of Whestcorea is currently being written by Mememaster-General Eden.

Law and Order

Administration of justice

Law enforcement agencies

State law enforcement

State government is constitutionally entitled to structure their internal law enforcement at their discretion. However, under the Constitution, they are initially modeled in the same way as the FCID, and more to the point, as there is currently no state legislature in any state due to low population size, there is no necessity for state police forces to exist until this situation is rectified. Until such a time, the FCID is responsible for enforcing all law in Whestcorea.


FCID seal

The FCID (the Federal Criminal Investigation Department) is responsible for investigating breaches of federal law in a similar way to the FBI in the USA. It currently has no director and so is run de facto by the Mememaster for Domestic Affairs.


The FCID is divided in a similar way to the FBI. The leader of the FCID is called the Director, who reports to the Mememaster for Domestic Affairs directly. Underneath him are the Deputy Directors, who operate particular general wings of the FCID, with certain branches dedicated to non-violent violations of federal law, another dedicated to violent crimes, and so on in that fashion.

The FCID is staffed as follows:

# Department Name of director Incumbent administration at time of appointment Date of Appointment Reports to
1 FCID Directorate Filled by Mememaster for Domestic Affairs Second Eden Congress 20 November 2015 Nominally Mememaster for Domestic Affairs
The Director runs the overall organization of the FCID, though delegates more particular tasks to the people running particular departments.
2 DB Police Bwnpai Second Eden Congress 20 November 2015 FCID Director
The Deputy Director of this department runs the local police of the District of Brittania, as under the Constitution the federal government administrates directly to its affairs.
3 Department for the Investigation of Violent Crimes Horatio Eden Second Eden Congress 20 November 2015 Nominally FCID Director
Due to a lack of population to fill these roles, Eden assigned the post of Deputy Director of IVC to himself. IVC investigates crimes of a violent nature.
4 Department for the Investigation of Taxation-related Criminal Offences Bob Christ Second Eden Congress 20 November 2015 FCID Director
Responsible for investigations into tax fraud and other tax-related federal crimes.
5 Department of Protection Bwnpai Second Eden Congress 20 November 2015 FCID Director
Originally supposed to be the "enforcer" in Whestcorea (being the most physically imposing of the founding fathers), responsible for making sure federal laws were followed, Bwnpai was later assigned the Department of Protection. The Department is responsible for protecting government officials and government institutions.


The MIB (the Military Intelligence Bureau) is responsible for gathering and disseminating foreign intelligence on behalf of the federal government in order to assist the government in making policy with regards to national security. So far, they have not been called into service due to their being no real foreign intrigue requiring their scrutiny, and as such remain defunct until a population boost allows them to be staffed by central government.

Were they to operate, they would answer to the Mememaster of Domestic Affairs and the Mememaster-General in order to assist in determining domestic and foreign policy. The Director of the MIB would also serve as a member on the Foreign and Domestic Policy committees of government.


The FSA (the Federal Security Agency) is responsible for protecting intelligence belonging to the government and gathering intelligence from Whestcorea's foes. So far, the only foe of Whestcorea is AS A on and off, and as such the Federal Security Agency has only been called in a few times, particularly when Horatio Eden, Mememaster-General, was attacked by James Reece of the belligerent country during a meeting of Congress.[20]


Whestcorea, as measured by a number of classification systems:

  • Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification: 5th World (Bricks and Mortar, Small, Statehood)
  • Linden's Revised System of Classification: 3.2
  • Usian Bureaucratic Scale: 2.4


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