Supreme Court of the Republic of Whestcorea

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Supreme Court of the Republic of Whestcorea
Flag of Whestcorea
EstablishedSeptember 2015
CountryFederal Republic of Whestcorea
LocationRGS, D.B.
MottoIustita omnibus, si tempus suppetat
Composition methodExecutive selection with legislative approval
Authorized byWhestcorean Constitution
Decisions are appealed toHouse of Patricians
Judge term lengthAt the Mememaster-General's pleasure
Number of positions3 seats
Chief Justice
Currently"The Chief Justice"
SinceNovember 2015

The Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea is the highest judicial body in the Republic of Whestcorea. The only other judicial body that has a similar level of judicial power is the House of Patricians, the branch of the government that represents the nobility, but this body can be overriden by a majority vote of the Supreme Court.

It has the power of judicial review granted to it by way of the Whestcorean Constitution, allowing it to strike unconstitutional acts of government legislation as well as executive actions by government agencies or officials.