Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea

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Federal Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Horatio Eden

since September 2015
StyleMr./M./Mrs. Mememaster-General
ResidenceState House, RGS D.B., Whestcorea
NominatorWhestcorean parties
AppointerElectorate of Whestcorea
Term length4 months
Inaugural holderHoratio Eden
FormationSeptember 2015
DeputyBob Christ

The Federal Congressional Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea, alternatively styled the Congressional Mememaster-General or simply the Mememaster-General, is the head of government of the Whestcorean Congress, as well as the effective head of government for Whestcorea at large. Serving as the executive of the Whestcorean Congress, all bills passed by the Congress require the Mememaster-General's signature before they become law, though the Congress can override him with a two-thirds majority should the office-holder elect to veto the legislation.

Constitutional authority

The Constitution gives the Mememaster-General a number of powers, chief among which is the ability to veto legislation. They are also the de facto highest ranking officer in the Whestcorean military, serving as Commander-in-chief of the Republic and thus having executive control over the Armed Forces.

They can also issue Executive Orders which have the power of federal law, unless either a majority of the Congress move to overrule him or the Supreme Court rules his Orders unconstitutional. Mememaster-Generals may issue these orders at any time they see fit.

Furthermore, they can exert authority over Departments without heads to staff them if ever this becomes the case, to ensure that departments without executives in charge of them do not fall into inactivity.

However, while the Mememaster-General may submit legislation like any Member of Congress, they do not have a vote unless they are separately elected as a Member of Congress.

List of Mememaster-Generals

# Portrait Name Deputy Term of office Political affiliation
1 Horatio Eden Bob Christ September 2015 November 4, 2015 Party Party
First Mememaster-General and founding father of Whestcorea. Framed the vast majority of the Constitution and proposed almost all of the Congress' first legislation. His final act in his first term, the Seating Act, triggered a re-election.
2 Horatio Eden Bob Christ November 4, 2015 January 14, 2016 Party Party
Re-elected with a two seat majority in Congress during the first Whestcorean federal election.
3 Horatio Eden Bob Christ January 4, 2016 June 7, 2016 Party Party
Increased the Party Party's overall majority to six seats during the second Whestcorean federal election.
3 A-Rho Shinmen no Genshin June 7, 2016 Incumbent Independent
Approved at the beginning of the fifth Congressional session of the Whestcorean Federal Government.