Party Party (Whestcorea)

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Party Party
Party LeaderHoratio Eden
FoundedSeptember 2015
HeadquartersRGS DB
Political positionCentre-right
Seats in the Whestcorean Congress
6 / 8
Seats in the House of Patricians
1 / 1
Party flag

Splintered into the Birthday and Irresponsibly Capitalist Parties

The Party Party of Whestcorea is a conservative, centre-right party that currently constitutes the majority in the Congress of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea. Led by current Whestcorean Mememaster-General, Horatio Eden, it was originally the only party in Whestcorea prior to the first federal election, when its membership split between the Irresponsibly Capitalist Party, the "Majority Party" and the Birthday Party. The ICP ultimately merged back into the Party Party while the MP simply collapsed following their failures at the federal election, but this sudden wave of multi-partisan feeling changed the political landscape of Whestcorea.


The party has always been lead by current Mememaster-General, Horatio Eden:

# Name Took office Next election Duration Vote share
1 Horatio Eden September 2015 22 October 2015 Roughly a month N/A
2 Horatio Eden 22 October 2015 Current leader Since October
5 / 8

So far, there has only been one leadership election, which came prior to the first federal election.


Prior to formalization

At Whestcorea's establishment, the Party Party existed in a technical sense. It was the governing party of Whestcorea with all eleven of the Congressional seats. With this power, the Party Party were able to govern extremely effectively for a time, up until early of October 2015.


Suddenly, in early October 2015, there was a disaster for the one-party system: the Party Party split into a number of small factions. The Party Party was still dominant, with seven of the eleven seats, enough to maintain its legislative agenda, while the Birthday Party, led by AP OptiMegaCell, the Irresponsibly Capitalist Party, led by the Chief Justice, and the Majority Party led by Shinmen no Genshin vied for leadership of the Her Majesty The God Warrior's Most Loyal Opposition. Following a number of backroom talks between the ICP and the Party Party, however, the Chief Justice agreed to resign as leader of the ICP and rejoin the Party Party, a move which was not forgotten when later in the first federal election he received one of the Party Party's five seats. The Majority Party and the Birthday Party remained fiercely independent however, much to the former's detriment when they lost badly in the federal election.

The first federal election

Following a leadership election won by Horatio Eden, who achieved five votes (the next candidate was Bob Christ with one), as well as the leadership elections in the other parties, the first federal election occurred. The Party Party won 50% of the votes and, having a majority of the seven seats which are actually elected under the Whestcorean system, were able to win the eighth seat, belonging to the Mememaster-General, Horatio Eden. They then formed the second Congress of Whestcorea.

However, with only five seats compared to the seven they had originally, two of their members would need to resign their seats. Horatio Eden, Bob Christ, the Baron of Sherwood, the Chief Justice and Bwnpai retained their seats, with the other two, Robert Madeniro and L.M. being forced out of the Congress by the Party Party's leadership.

The second federal election

Despite polls showing a lack of support for them, the Party Party cleaned up in the second federal election, increasing their majority to 6 of the 8 seats (which was raised to 9 to allow the creation of the House Party).