Majority Party (Whestcorea)

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Majority Party
Party LeaderShinmen no Genshin
FoundedOctober 2015
DissolvedNovember 2015
HeadquartersRGS DB
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationFederal Republic of Whestcorea
Seats in the Whestcorean Congress
0 / 8

The Majority Party of Whestcorea was a political party in Whestcorea. At the height of its power, its then leader, Shinmen no Genshin, was Leader of the Opposition with three of the eleven available seats in Congress. However, following the disaster that was the November federal election, the MP lost its entire rump of seats in Congress. It dissolved not long after.


There was only one leader of the Majority Party:

# Name Took office Next election Duration Vote share
1 Shinmen no Genshin October 2015 Party dissolved Roughly a month N/A



The Majority Party was formed in the wave of multi-partisanism that dominated the first half of October in Whestcorean politics. The Majority Party was originally part of the Party Party, but split away, taking three of the Party Party's seats with them. This sudden exodus from the ranks, combined with the rapid multiplication of the number of parties in Whestcorea, was concerning for the leadership of the Party Party.

As Opposition

The Majority Party's members did very little while in Opposition - one of their members, a Congressman, was impeached by Congress for apparently attempting to illegally sue the government for use of a flag which purportedly bore striking similarity to the Pepsi Co. logo. His seat was then assigned to the Different Party, the only new party that hadn't been formed from the Party Party.

The federal election disaster

The November federal election was a scathing defeat for the Majority Party. Not a single vote was tallied in their name, reducing their rump of seats in Congress from three to zero in short order. Their leader, Shinmen no Genshin, immediately announced the dissolution of the MP, citing political apathy as his reasoning.