Senatorial Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea

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Federal Senatorial Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea
Dank flag 2 copy.png
James Frisch

since February 2016
StyleMr./M./Mrs. Mememaster-General
NominatorWhestcorean parties
AppointerElectorate of Whestcorea
Term length4 months
Inaugural holderJames Frisch
FormationFebruary 2016

The Federal Senatorial Mememaster-General of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea, alternatively styled the Senatorial Mememaster-General, is the head of government of the Whestcorean Senate. Serving as the executive of the Whestcorean Senate, all bills originating in the Senate require their signature for them to become law, though the Senate can override him with a two-thirds majority should the office-holder choose to veto the legislation.

Authority of office

The office is not mentioned in the Whestcorean Constitution, and as such the authority of the office stems from a combination of Senate-related legislation, executive orders, and general interpretation based on the function of the Congressional office.

In comparison to the Congressional Mememaster-General, the Senatorial Mememaster-General has the second highest rank in the Whestcorean military after the Congressional Mememaster-General.

The Senatorial Mememaster-General has a veto power, but it is somewhat more contrived than that attributed to the Congressional Mememaster-General. Where the Mememaster-General of Congress can veto any and all legislation, the Senatorial Mememaster-General's power is somewhat more limited:

  • The Senatorial Mememaster-General can veto any and all legislation originating in the Senate, and the only way for the legislature to work around this is for the Senate to get a two-thirds majority to pass the legislation without the sitting Mememaster-General's consent. Neither the Congress nor the Congressional Mememaster-General can overturn a veto from the Senatorial Mememaster-General's office if the bill in question originated in the Senate.
  • The Senatorial Mememaster-General can veto any and all legislation that lands on his desk in the Senate that originated from the Congress. However, the system for doing this is somewhat more complex. If the Senate fails to get the two-thirds vote necessary to repeal the veto, the Congress can overturn it with a two-thirds vote of their own membership.

The Senatorial Mememaster-General, unless a duly elected Senator, may not vote on legislation within the Senate.

List of Mememaster-Generals

# Portrait Name Deputy Term of office Political affiliation
1 Dank flag 2 copy.png James Reginald Frisch N/A February 2016 Incumbent Party Party
First Senatorial Mememaster-General. Appointed by Horatio Eden after the establishment of the Senate through the Senate House Act.