Anders Saltborn

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King of Latitudia, Grand Duke of Björkebo,
Most Honorable Chairman of the High Council,
Keeper of the Royal Rum Barrel, Founder of Latitudia
King of the Royal Republic of Latitudia
Reign21 August 2006 - present
Coronation21 August 2006
PredecessorThrone created
Most Honorable Chairman
of the High Council
Assumed office
7 October 2013
Preceded byCouncil established
Grand Duke of Björkebo
Reign17 November 2015 - present
PredecessorGrand Duchy established
President of the People's Republic of Northern Medelpad
In office
11 January 2016 – 18 September 2016
Born1975 (age 49)
Gothenburg, Sweden w:Sweden
ReligionSpiritual Atheist

Anders Saltborn RSKP, SKPBC, KHC, GCRL, LGM is a Latitudian royal and statesman. He founded Latitudia in 2006, inspired by watching the BBC series How to Start Your Own Country, however he had since long admired micronational projects like Ladonia, Sealand and similar secessionist movements. Politically Saltborn has always been very keen on personal freedom, and to minimalize the government's involvement and interference with the individual, as well as seeing the importance of a social structure within a society. His political opinions clearly reflects in today's politics of Latitudia as well as his other micro- and macronational political involvements.

Born Anders Erik Saltborn in 1975 in Gothenburg, Sweden, he grew up mostly in what today is called the Duchy of Northern Mill Valley, while he spent many happy summers near today's Friedenheim. Saltborn has spent many of his years outside Sweden, living and working in several macronations, the most notable period being seven years in the Netherlands. He has many hobbies and interests, amongst others the appreciation and collection of he noble spirit rum, the outdoors GPS sport geocaching, photography and especially to depict graffiti and other streetart, to be a diligent prepper, and to enjoy gardening. Saltborn is outside his Latitudian citizenship also a proud citizen of Paravia, Ladonia, Free State of Northern Medelpad, and Nolland.

Recent events

In the autumn of 2015, he was appointed the Paravian Ambassador to Sweden. When granted his Whestcorean citizenship, he was appointed State Mememaster-General of the Whestcorean state of Japanitania,[1] which Saltborn later proclaimed a shogunate. Early 2016 he declared the independence of the political and historically significant People's Republic of Northern Medelpad on behalf of its since long oppressed residents and became their first president[2] (later Free State of Northern Medelpad). The lovely Empire of Austenasia appointed him their Ambassador to Sweden, he was given the title Marquis of Paravia and became a citizen of Nolland.

Titles and honours

Latitudian titles

Foreign titles

Former foreign titles

Latitudian honours

Foreign honours


Formally; HRH Anders (of Latitudia). Informally; Anders Saltborn is widely used. For any non-Latitudian or non-royal assignments, full name is often used possibly prefixed with another title, for example His Excellency Anders Saltborn as a foreign Ambassador.

Full style

His Royal Highness Anders of Latitudia, King of Latitudia, Grand Duke of Björkebo, Most Honorable Chairman of the High Council of Latitudia, Keeper of the Royal Rum Barrel, Founder of Latitudia, Marquis of Paravia, Ambassador to Sweden for Paravia and Austenasia, Royal Supreme Knight Protector of the Latitudian Grand Order of Excellence, Supreme Knight Protector of the Order of the Black Cross, Knight of the Royal Order of the Latitudian High Council, Grand Commander of the Order of the Rampant Lion, Lieutenant of the Most Gracious Order of the Marquis.


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