Free State of Northern Medelpad

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Free State of Northern Medelpad
Fria Staten Norra Medelpad (Svenska)

Approximate claimed territory of FSNM,
on a map of Medelpad
Official languagesSwedish, Medelpadsmål
GovernmentFree State
• Council
The FSNM Council
Establishment11 January 2016 (Republic formed)
18 September 2016 (Free State formed)
• (as of 2016 census) census
CurrencySEK, Barter
Time zoneCET/CEST

The Free State of Northern Medelpad, Fria Staten Norra Medelpad, also known as its abbreviation FSNM is a self-proclaimed sovereign state and autonomous territorial entity, also known as a micronation, which was founded on 11 January 2016 by Anders Saltborn[1] as the People's Republic of Northern Medelpad. It was largely influenced by the fact that this area has more in common with the neighboring Swedish province of Jämtland than its southern parts and current province capital of Sundsvall. The Indalsälven river with its inflow of Kvarnån is also historically a divider between the local populations. On 18 September 2016 the Republic was dissolved and the Free State was immediately founded in its place.


The Free State lays claim on the northern part of the Swedish province of Medelpad, from Örsviken in west at the cornered border of Jämtland, along the villages of Kväcklingen and Unåsen to the Indalsälven river, down along its northern bank to and including Bergeforsen, along the E4 highway to Gnistring by the border to the province of Ångermanland. If the Republic of Jamtland - not to be confused with the Swedish province of Jämtland - would like to lay claim on Northern Medelpad to gain access to the Baltic Sea, FSNM will most likely vote to yield. Within the claimed territory Grand Duchy of Björkebo of the Republic of Latitudia is situated, and FSNM honours its sovereignty.

Law and order

There is no military force or law enforcement within FSNM, however any form of authority given by the Swedish government is null and void within the Free State. FSNM is a peaceful place and wishes to remain as such.


Traditionally FSNM accepts both the Swedish Krona as well as an old-fashioned countryside style of bartering, especially between neighbors. Any citizen is free to incorporate a company within the Free State simply by doing so. There are no taxation, and no registration of transactions.


Typical painting by Rolf Lidberg

The patron saint Rolf Lidberg was a very influential artist living all of his life in the village of Järkvissle in the most western part of the Free State, then Medelpad. He is probably most known for his paintings and statues of trolls, often depicting himself and people in his surroundings as goodhearted and helpful trolls, incorporating the wonderful nearby views. However famous for his troll paintings, Lidberg's main interest and occupation was as a botanist where he cataloged hundreds of local and worldwide flora. On Rolf Day every year his birth is celebrated at the Rolf Lidberg museum in Järkvissle.

Apart from the vast Lidberg culture, there are thousand year old traditions in FSNM of making and eating tunnbröd, and eating the internationally well-known and widely feared fermented stinky fish surströmming.

National holidays

  • 11 January - Independence Day (when the Republic was formed)
  • 26 May - Rolf Day

Foreign relations

The Free State generally recognizes most micronations and nations laying claim of land while being true secessionists.

Formal relations through a treaty

Especially recognized micronations and nations, no relations


Citizenship is exclusively granted to individuals residing or having family within the claimed territory. Honorary citizenship as well as other awards may be bestowed upon individuals that excel in their work for the FSNM cause.


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