Foreign relations of Paravia

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The foreign affairs of Paravia have extended relations to over 20 micronations since Paravia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed its first treaty with the Kingdom of Ruthenia (now the Karno-Ruthenian Empire) on December 1, 2014. The Ministry has made the community at large more aware of Paravia and her interests since August 2015, and is an active and respected nation within the community.


Treaty of Mutual Recognition

Informal Name Macronation Begin Date of Relations Status of Relations
 Abeldane Empire  w:United Arab Emirates 17 August 2015 Recognition
 Republic of Akebar  United Kingdom 14 September 2015 Recognition
 Principality of Beacon City  United Kingdom 18 July 2016 Recognition
 Duchy of Hodiny  United States 24 July 2016 Recognition
 Imvrassia  w:Greece 30 August 2015 Recognition
 Karnia-Ruthenia  w:Brazil 1 December 2014 Recognition
 State of Koss  w:Brazil 23 July 2016 Recognition
 People's Republic of Koya  w:Netherlands 10 August 2016 Recognition
 Republic of Latitudia  w:Sweden 19 November 2015 Recognition
 Legatia  United States 21 November 2015 Recognition
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic  United Kingdom 11 January 2015 Recognition
 Confederation of Mahuset  w:Netherlands 27 July 2016 Recognition
 Matai  United States 22 June 2016 Recognition
 Republic of Mcarthia  United Kingdom 17 October 2015 Recognition
 Mercia  United Kingdom 5 July 2016 Recognition
 Nemkhav Federation  w:Republic of Ireland 26 July 2016 Recognition
 Orfalia  w:Spain 20 September 2015 Recognition
 Republic of Padrhom  w:France 18 September 2015 Recognition
 Empyre of Slin  w:Netherlands 27 July 2016 Recognition
 United Islands  w:Netherlands 14 September 2015 Recognition
 Universal Triumvirate  United States 14 September 2015 Recognition
 Realms of Valdsland  United Kingdom 20 June 2016 Recognition
 Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan  United States 18 May 2017 Recognition
FlorilandFlag.jpeg Floriland  Canada  United States June 4, 2021 Recognition

Suspended treaties

Former relations