Kingdom of Verdoleania

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Kingdom of Verdoleania
Flag of Koninkrijk Verdoleania.jpg
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Coat of arms
Motto: Un pour tous, et tous pour un (One For all, All for one)
Anthem: Populorum Canticum Unitum
Official languagesDutch and German
Establishment10 June 2015
• Census
CurrencyEuro (€)

Verdoleania, officially the Kingdom of Verdoleania, is a self-declared independent sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, claiming lands in the Netherlands. The government is a constitutional monarchy, where the King has very limited power. Verdoleania is also member of the Union of Dutch-Speaking Micronations


The idea for forming Verdoleania was thought of on 7 June 2015 by King Patrick I. There was a video on YouTube with the top 10 strangest micronations which Patrick watched. It was vacation for the 11-year-old boy, and he had nothing to do. Thus, he founded the Kingdom of Verdoleania and proclaimed himself King of it. His family was then appointed to seats in Parliament. The days went by, and Verdoleania's website was created in the Dutch. The English website followed soon.

Official Documents


Verdoleania is lead by a parliament. However, the country has a king as head of state, and also has a say in the government.

The country is ruled by five ministers. Which means intelligence and defense, health and welfare, order and justice, foreign affairs and that of Finance.

There are only elections on the Ministers. If there is a proposal in the parliament the king must be informed about it. Then a vote is taken by six people. The ministers and the king. The ministers have one voice the king 2. The country pay with the euro (€) therefore citizens can stil in Dutch supermarkets and hospitals Etc. rightly so. Citizens have the right to open a lawsuit. This is funded by the government. Citizens also have the right to arm themselves. But first needs to be done before a call. Citizens are punished, steal, kill, swearing and breaking. The sentences run from fines to all embargo`s. Our country does claim to three houses in Stolwijk and on a glacier in the grans of Chile and Argentina. In the constitutions of both countries states that glaciers in non claim falls area. The national languages ​​are Dutch and German.

Declaration of Independence

We declare the Kingdom Verdoleania independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We are tired of being oppressed. We do want to be a protectorate of the Netherlands. We will still pay the same tax. We claim 3 houses in Stolwijk and a glacier on the border of Argentina and Chile.


As already stood in the Constitution, the country has 5 Minister and so 5 ministries. That of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Information, care and welfare, order and justice and of finance. Each Department also has a Secretary of State.Ben lead the Ministry of defence and Information. Brigitte does that about Justice and order. Then we have William that for our Foreign Affairs. Esther ensures that the people care enough and thus has the charge of the Ministry of health and social welfare. And Lastly, we have Sir Alex leading the Ministry of finance. There are only 3 Secretaries of State. Mitchell helps with the defense and intelligence of the country. Mira does so with the care and well-being of the people and Ryan helps with Foreign Affairs.


Date Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Public holiday in Verdoleania
10 June Independence Day On this day, we celebrate that Verdoleania become independence from The Netherlands.
11 December Kingsday On this day we celebrate the birthday of the King.
25 December Christmas Day Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Foreign Relations

Vassal States

The Republic of Malduvia is our first Vassal State. The president of Malduvia is Nils K.

Diplomatic Relations

One of our best friends is Shadyvinkenstein. Also a Dutch-language micronation and so easy to communicate with it. We help each other.

The Republic of Enzoffo contacted us for a Treaty of friendship. We are always open and accepted this so. The negotiations started on 29 July and the next day (June 30) we had a new friend.

The Popular Union of Occitania claims land in the South of France and in the North of Spain. The negotiations began on 26 July and ended on July 30.

The Kingdom of Black country is also our friend. At 21 July the negotiations began and on 29 July King Alen I accepted our request for a friendship.

The Empire of Paravia is our 4th friend. The head of the state is Emperor Patrick.

The Principality of Kryptonia is also on this list. The friendship between our two countries was officially on 8 August.

Zelcia Royaume was founded on september 19, 2014. It is headed by Saher King I.

The Kingdom Of Viper was established on 1 January 1995. The capital or Viper is located in the U.S. State of Tennessee. It is lead by King LIoyd I.

The Consulate of Surland was one of our first friends. With their advice, we have come a long way. Surland was founded on May 3, 2015.

The Principality of Aigues-Mortes is also a friend of ours. A very good friend even. They have given us new coat of arms designed. And we made the flag animation for one for their videos. Our relationship is very strong.

Also a friend of ours is the Principality of Imvrassia. A micronation from Greece.

A good friend of us is the Republic of Sree Gurusia. After a long time of negotiations it became officially on 22 August.