Turkish Colonial Empire

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Türk Koloni İmparatorluğu
Turkish Colonial Empire

Red Flag of Country.pngCoat of arms1.png

Kral'ın adaleti, yurttaşın onurudur (ENG: King's justice is citizen's honour)
Anatolian Musketeers
Capital cityWest Istanbul
Largest cityWest Istanbul
Official language(s)New Turkish (Official language),English and Colonial Turkish (Secondary languages)
Official religion(s)Tengrism, Christianity and Islam
DemonymTurkish, Colonial demonies
GovernmentRoyal Parlament
- King:Emrecan I (the Great)
- PremierAli Yılmaz
Established5 October 2014
Area claimedGreat Turkish Lands 60,500km²
Population~ 45 (April 2015 census)
Time zone(GMT+2)
National sportPolo
National animalLion


The Turkish Colonial Empire (in Turkish: Türk Koloni İmparatorluğu) founded as a micronation and based in West Istanbul.


In 5 October 2014,King Emrecan I (the Great) declared independence of the micronation Kingdom.

In the same day,King Emrecan I declared that he signed a law with his government.


In 10 October 2014, old Minister of Education Mustafa declared independence from empire. King's Royal Army attacked rebels and war started.

10 October 2014 - Battle of Bursa

Rebel leader Mustafa and his rebel army captured Bursa. After 3 days, Royal Army came to Bursa and attacked to city with 15 infantry unit. Battle of Bursa started with first attack of Royal Army. Royal Army won the battle and rebels run away from Great Turkish Lands.

Flag Belligerents Commanders Armed forces involved Strength Casualties and losses Role
Red Flag of Country.png Turkish Colonial Empire King Emrecan I Royal Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marine Forces 15 infantry unit 1 injured Invasion war
1017139 1566276843600683 1179598659136812104 n.jpg Rebels Mustafa Kaya Rebel Army 5 militians 5 injured Defensive war


Economy of Empire is working with King's Laws. Minister of Finance is working for find economic recourse and develop them. Country has got a lot of forests, coasts and large cities. State is working now for build more ports and searching new tradeship.


Over seas, Empire has got a lot of colonies. These are Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Australia. These colonies using Colonial Turkish and English for connact with each other and connact with King. Native forces are protecting colonies but Royal Army has got a lot of bases in colonies.


Empire's Armed Forces divided to 3; Royal Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marine Forces. Minister of Military checks Armed Forces and sometimes edits it. Line Infantry, Grenadiers, Artillery, Royal Hussars and Heavy Cavalaries are part of Royal Army. Armed Forces has got one General and one Admiral now. General Emirhan and Admiral Hüseyin. Supreme Commander is the King Emrecan I.

National Days

Date English Name Turkish Name
1 January New Year's Day Yeni Yıl
14 August King's Birthday Kralın Doğumgünü
5 October Independence Day Bağımsızlık Günü
10 October Victory Day Zafer Günü
14 June March of Heroes Kahramanların Yürüyüşü

Regions and Cities

Flag Regions names Postal Type Capital Largest city Claimed area (km²) Potential pop. Mayor
Red Flag of Country.png West Istanbul CWI Capital City District West Istanbul West Istanbul ~5,500 km² ~7 - - (Yunus Bület)
Red Flag of Country.png East Istanbul EI Region East Istanbul Istanbul ~5,000 km² ~2 - - (Empty Position)
Red Flag of Country.png Thrace TH Region Edirne Edirne ~10,000 km² ~3 - - (Empty Position)
Red Flag of Country.png Marmara MR Region Bursa Bursa ~40,000 km² ~5 - - (Remzi Avcı)