Battle of Bursa

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Rebellion in Anatolia
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Date10 October 2014
Bursa,Marmara Region-Great Turkish Lands

Decisive Royal victory

  • Marmara Region captured again
  • Rebellion failed
Red Flag of Country.png Turkish Colonial Empire 1017139 1566276843600683 1179598659136812104 n.jpg Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Red Flag of Country.png King Emrecan I 1017139 1566276843600683 1179598659136812104 n.jpg Mustafa Kaya
Red Flag of Country.png 15 1017139 1566276843600683 1179598659136812104 n.jpg 5

On 7 October 2014, Minister of Education Mustafa Kaya and his followers captured Bursa and declared independence from Turkish Colonial Empire. Mustafa became a president of new Anatolian Republic. Then King Emrecan I walked to Bursa with Royal Army and after 3 days, in 10 October 2014, two armies started fight in Bursa.

First line of Royal Army attacked rebel defenders and defeat them in few minutes. In this charge, 2 rebel and one Royal soldier wounded. Then Royal Army started siege of capital house. 3 rebel militians try to defend but after 10 minutes, Royal Army broke the door and captured capital house.

Wounded rebels ran away from Great Turkish Lands and Royal Army destroyed capital house. King Emrecan turned to capital, West Istanbul, and made a celebration with ministries and nobles. After that day, 10 October declared 'Victory Day'.