Imperial Regalia of Paravia

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The full Imperial Regalia of Paravia

The Imperial Regalia of Paravia, are the items of state, used by the Paravian Monarch during coronations, or other official ceremonies in the Empire of Paravia.


The Imperial Regalia is kept under close guard at the Imperial Palace, and only the Monarch, or the Imperial jeweler are allowed to touch them. The regalia is very valuable, and specially made, and can therefore not be replaced. The full regalia is estimated to be worth about 450 USD. The full regalia has only been used once, during the coronation of Emperor Patrick I.


Grand Imperial Crown

The Imperial Crown of Paravia

The Imperial crown of Paravia (officially: The Grand Imperial Crown) is the center piece of the Paravian Regalia. made of gold colored thin steel, with glass jewels attached at various points. The crown has 4 struts running up its side, holding up the red velvet of the crown. These struts, are separated by 3 fleur-de-lis, with the middle fleur-de-lis being much larger than the others. On the top of the crown, is a orb made from struts of steel.

Crown of the Prince Imperial

The Crown of the Prince Imperial of Paravia

The crown of the Prince Imperial of Paravia is a smaller, and much less elaborate crown than the Grand Imperial Crown, and is worn by the heir to the Paravian throne, the Prince Imperial. It is made from thin gold colored steel, with glass gems attached. The crown is made up primarily of small fleur-de-lis.

Imperial scepter

Imperial scepter of Paravia

The Imperial scepter of Paravia is one of the most important things during a coronation ceremony. It symbolizes the Monarch's power over Paravia It is made from a long gold colored wooden stick, with a gold colored iron part at the top, holding a glass gem. Underneath this, are small gold colored chains.

Imperial orb

The Imperial orb

The Paravian Imperial orb (also known as the Imperial apple), is a wooden apple purchased on the island of jersey in the 1980s. It is made from polished wood, with a flat, copper bottom, and a copper stem. The Scepter and the Orb are often synonymous with each other, and are always kept together.

Ceremonial sword

the Ceremonial sword

The Ceremonial sword is an item, used for many official ceremonies, for example knighting. It is made of steel, with a Bronze handle, and a wooden scabbard covered with red velvet. It is believed that the sword is over 100 years old.

Imperial robe

the Emperor wearing the imperial robe

The Imperial robe is a long red cape with white fur along the sides. It was sewn by the imperial jewler, and has so far only been used once, during the coronation of Emperor Patrick I. The fabric is rather thin, and has a subtal flower pattern.