Paravian Crown Lands

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Paravian Crown Lands
Paraviske Kronlandet (no)

Flag of the Paravian Crown Lands.png
CoA of Paravian Crown Lands.png Grand Coat of Arms

Unum est fortitudo
(Unity is strength)
The Crown Lands stand united
Capital city Flag of Nyros.jpg Nyros
Largest city Flag of Sunset city.jpg Sunset City
Official language(s) English, Norwegian
Official religion(s) none
Demonym Crownlander
Government Semi-Democratic Absolute Monarchy
- Emperor Patrick I
- High Chancellor Lise Næsheim-Renwick
Legislature Imperial Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
- Last election - n/a
Established 21 July 2016
Area claimed Unknown
Population 35
Currency Reni (official), Norwegian kroner (unofficial)
National animal White-tailed eagle
This is a federal state of the Empire of Paravia

Website (Obsolete)

The Paravian Crown Lands is the one of the 4 states of the Empire of Paravia, and is somewhat considered the prime state, holding some special privileges and powers. The Crown Lands consist of the original territories of the Empire of Paravia, before the signing of the Treaty of Nyros in 2016, which turned Paravia into a federal empire, comprising various other states, all of which had previously been independent Micronations. The Crown Lands are made up of 10 provinces, 1 lordship, 1 Archduchy, 2 duchies and 1 grand duchy.

The Crown Lands hold some special privileges within the empire. The unicameral legislature of the Crown Lands, the Imperial Council, is also the upper house of the Riksting, the bicameral legislature of the empire.