Paravian Crown Lands

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Paravian Crown Lands
Paraviske Kronlandet (no)

Flag of the Paravian Crown Lands.png
CoA of Paravian Crown Lands.png Grand Coat of Arms

Unum est fortitudo
(Unity is strength)
The Crown Lands stand united
Capital cityFlag of Nyros.jpg Nyros
Largest cityFlag of Sunset city.jpg Sunset City
Official language(s)English, Norwegian
Official religion(s)none
GovernmentSemi-democratic absolute monarchy
- EmperorPatrick I
- High ChancellorLise Næsheim-Renwick
LegislatureImperial Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
- Last election - n/a
Established21 July 2016
Area claimedUnknown
CurrencyReni (official), Norwegian kroner (unofficial)
National animalWhite-tailed eagle
This is a Viceroyalty of the Empire of Paravia

Website (Obsolete)

The Paravian Crown Lands is the one of the 7 Viceroyalties of the Empire of Paravia, and is considered the heartland of the empire. The Crown Lands consist of the Paravian Territories situatied in Norway, and are under direct Imperial rule. The Crown Lands were originally established in 2016, following the signing of the Treaty of Nyros, which turned Paravia into a federal empire comprising various other states, all of which had previously been independent Micronations. The Crown Lands at this time consisted of all the Paravian territories prior to the treaty. Since the 2018 coup and the end of federalism, the Crown Lands has been a non-administrative Viceroyalty consisting only of the Norwegian territories of the Empire.