Paravian Coup d’etat of 2018

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Paravian Coup d’etat of 2018
Riksråd Chamber.jpg
The Chamber of the Imperial Council, where the coup was declared
Date15 January 2018
Imperial Council, Nyros, Paravia
Result Riksting dissolved
Constitution suspended
Establishment of effective absolute monarchy

The Paravian Coup d’etat of 2018 was a self-coup by Emperor Patrick I within the Empire of Paravia, wherein the Emperor dissolved the federal government and assumed absolute power. The coup came as a response to the crippling inactivity of the Paravian federal government in the latter half of 2017, and was largely supported by the remaining political elite of the Empire as a last-ditch effort to stave off complete collapse.


The Coup took place on 15 January 2018. In the morning hours of that day, the Emperor, Patrick, entered the chamber of the Imperial Council and proclaimed a decree dissolving the Riktsing, the federal legislature, and suspending the constitution. This decree was later proclaimed within the Chamber of Delegates and the Cabinet. The coup met no opposition and was largely embraced as necessary by the political leadership of the empire.


The Imperial Decree issued by the Emperor on 15 January read:
In the light of the stagnation of the Empire and our continued problems I herby, by my imperial prerogative and power as Emperor of Paravia, declare the Riksting Dissolved and the constitution of 2016 suspended. I herby assume all state and federal governmental powers directly.“


The aftermath of the coup saw some attempts at resurrecting a functioning government made by the Emperor, Mikael Bokmann and Stephen Freayth. 9 days after the coup an Imperial Decree officially dissolved the remaining federal states of the Empire and proclaimed a unitary state. On 10 February Bokmann was appointed Riksminister by the Emperor in a last attempt at a revival of the government, however with Bokmann’s effective resignation from micronationalism the following month such attempts were put to rest. The direct rule by the emperor since the coup is officially still in effect.