Territories of Paravia

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The Paravian Crown Lands are divided into—provinces, Duchies, grand duchy(s), archduchy(s) and lordship(s). Currently, there are 7 provinces, 2 duchies, 1 grand duchy and 1 archduchy, with the only lordship, the Lordship of Rela being dissolved in July 2017.

A province is a territory over 100 square meters in size with a permanent human population.

A lordship is a territory with a permanent human population, however that is under 100 square meters in size.

A duchy on the other is a territory that has no permanent population. The duchies and grand duchy(s) in Paravia work the same way, however the title grand duchy indicates that it is much larger than other duchies.

An archduchy within Paravia works mostly the same as a province, a criteria being that it has a permanent population, however is much larger size wise than provinces. The title Archduke is also more prestigious than the title given to the rulers of provinces, Duke/Duchess.

Crown Lands


Province Capital Permanent Population Established
Clyne Nyros 4 29 Nov 2014
Sunset Sunset City 6 24 Dec 2014
Bessabia Terjestad 2 29 Nov 2014
Gunhilddal Toreville 1 29 Nov 2014
Soren Justinianople 4 9 Jan 2015
Paravian Grenada New St. George's 5 28 Jul 2015
Greater Bain Bain City 3 28 Jul 2015
New Rela New Rela 1 14 Jul 2017


Archduchy Capital Permanent Population Established
Gosen Lonn 2 22 Jan 2016


Duchy Capital Permanent Population Established
Clipp None 0 30 Dec 2014
Strømvik None 0 2 Jul 2015

Grand Duchy(s)

Grand Duchy Capital Permanent Population Established
Sugarloaf South point 0 28 Jul 2015


The following are the districts of the city of Calvimont, and Zelenarus itself.

District Neighborhood Population Established
 Calvimont Calvimont 1 14 July 2017
 Sielenorrussia del Norte Želenava 2 14 July 2017
 Sielenorrussia del Sud Kelvemun 3 14 July 2017
 Tivirum and Kichensk Kichensk 0 14 July 2017

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