Paravian Grenada

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Paravian Coat of Arms Greater.png
Province of Paravian Grenada
  Province of  Empire of Paravia  


Sector Windward Islands
Capital New St. George's
Established 28 July 2015
 - Type Ducal monarchy
 - Body Ducal council
 - Duke of Paravian Grenada George Alexander II
 - Total 5 (permanent)
Demonym Paravian-Grenadian
Time zone AST

The Province of Paravian Grenada is one of two Paravian Province's on the carribean island of Grenada. It's capital is New St. George's, named after the capital of Grenada, St. George's.

The province was established on 28 Jul 2015, and has a population of 5, consisting of relatives of the Emperor.