Chamber of Delegates (Paravia)

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Paravian Chamber of Delegates
Coat of arms or logo
Speaker of the Chamber
Mikael Bokmann
since November 2016
Last election
Meeting place
Chamber of Delegates skype room

The Chamber of Delegates is the lower house of the Riksting, the legislature of the Empire of Paravia. The Chamber consists of 11 delegates, 1 delegate from each federal state of the empire. The Chamber of Delegates is the primary legislative body of the Riksting, the Imperial Council (the upper house) being mostly ceremonial. The Chamber of Delegates creates legislation, and elects the Riksminister. The chamber has been in a state of dissolution since the Coup of 2018 and the end of federalism, though technically remaining in existence.


The Speaker of the Chamber of Delegates is the leader of the chamber, and is tasked with chairing sessions and recording minutes. The speaker is elected every 4 months by the chamber, and has no term limits.

Speakers of the Chamber

Name State Term began Term ended
1. Ned Gunderson State of Nedland 21 July 2016 4 November 2016
2. Mikael (I) Bokmann Grémmian Empire 4 November 2016 Incumbent

Delegates to the Chamber

Name State Term began
1. Patrick (I) Renwick Paravian Crown Lands 21 July 2016
2. Mikael (I) Bokmann Grémmian Empire 21 July 2016
3. Radia Crann Republic of Humanytaria 21 July 2016
4. Henry Twain (Acting) State of Galveston 23 July 2016
5. Robert Ștefănescu State of Carpathia 28 July 2016
6. Peter (I) Palaiologos Lordship of Roazhon-Nevez 29 July 2016
7. Gabriel N. Pelger Usian Republic 6 August 2016
8. Hunter (I) Nash Grand Pincipality of Parkov 7 August 2016
9. Griffin Kaos Principality of Noland 5 June 2017
10. Stephen (I & II) Freayth Kingdom of Viselander 1 October 2016
11. Emiel Hardy State of Zelenarus 15 March 2017